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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Face Punch Wednesday

(If you are new to Face Punch Wednesday, please read this post before you complain. I don't want to hear it.)

Welcome to Face Punch Wednesday.

The people booing Bush as he arrived at the inauguration of President Obama. I love it when the laugh-riot a minute idiots on the left want to show their maturity and inclusiveness by outrageously disrespectful and divisive behavior, but then want to cry big crocodile tears when some of us refuse to bow on bended knee when Lord Obama graces us with another morsel of idiot policy. Yeah I have an attitude-as they would say "Get over it"-10 punches for being classless, spineless, cowards who know no respect.

John Ridley from PBS-This f*cktard should probably just stop talking now. He feels all warm and fuzzy claiming Obama is our first truly American President. Really? So all of the other "melting pot" folks who have led this great land are what nothing but waste? How about the original founding fathers you tool? I somehow doubt anyone was more truly American than them-7punches

Citi Group-Just another day for the rich, spoiled, overcompensated, and really just ridiculous. Citi Group graciously decided to opt out of their $50 million dollar jet purchase after receiving $45 billion dollars in bailout funds. It did take a phone call "from someone one in the Obama administration." I wonder if it was Rahm? There is also lots of talk about them bending over in a quick ankle grab for the government on accepting mortgage "re-do's" by judges when they were against it. Until they were for it of course-5 punches







Thursday, January 22, 2009

Have you actually seen a baby born at 22 weeks?

That is a scan of an actual Polaroid picture taken of MY DAUGHTER the night she was born 11/13/1991.

On that night I had already been in the hospital for two weeks on strict bed rest doing everything in my power to keep her from coming too soon. Well, as I have come to see, she was simply determined to have things her way and there was little I could do to stop her.

I was 22 1/2 weeks pregnant the night she came. She was 11 inches long, about the size of a "fashion doll". She weighed 1 pound 3 ounces-her skin was so thin you could see right through it-her eyes were still fused shut, ya like a puppy, they did not open for 4 days. She almost died several times that first couple of months, but has emerged 17 YEARS LATER with no major issues. She was in the hospital until the day before she should have been born. She is one of two lights of my life.

She would probably disagree that she was not really a person at that time.

That's all I have to say.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We were true to ourselves.

So, today was the day. Today was the day President Bush stepped down and President Obama took his place. Today is the beginning of…….the unknown. That is really at the heart of today for me and probably hundreds, or thousands, or millions, like me. I do not know what the future of this Administration will hold for me, my family or my country. While I cannot say I was looking forward to this day, I was extremely pleased to have the opportunity to share this time and my feelings with other likeminded individuals. I was invited to share in an inauguration gathering of a few local bloggers thrown by Quaker Company and hosted by our own most excellent Queen of Bloggers Dana Loesch of DanaRadio.com and Mamalogues.com. If not for Dana, I likely would have simply worked the day away without another thought. I would have watched the inauguration eventually, but I would not have blocked out my morning for that. Sorry. Anyway, it was awesome to share the experience with people who, like me more view this day as a time to say goodbye to Bush than hello to Obama. (Thanks Dana for putting that into words for me-it is EXACTLY right!)

Just a few words on the speech. For whatever reason I am really in no mood to dissect it piece by piece-although I could-I took a ton of notes. Maybe another day.

First, I found the speech completely uninspiring. While I almost completely disagree with every policy Obama has thus far put out, I have been able to see why people are drawn to him-until today. I can see his charisma-I'm freaked out by it-but can see it none-the-less. Today, I felt Obama was flat. I felt his words boring, bordering on insulting at times and holding out no real promise or "hope". This was not a speech of acceptance or excitement, but of heavy burden and a rear-looking blame game. "We're not going to do all the things we did in the past that made today so sucky." Or something like that. Simply ridiculous. Yes, in fact, I am FAR better off than I was 8 years ago. I attribute much of that to Bush. I did not love every decision he made, but I never once doubted his commitment to keeping us safe and his ability to run this country.

Second, I fully and completely HATED that Obama felt it ok to underhand slam President Bush. It seemed much of the talk surrounding foreign affairs and national security was rife with comments about moving forward and doing it better than previously has been done. For one, I think it is pretty inflated to think one with NO experience will do so much better than others with tons of experience. Another thought, good luck "extending your hand" to those who simply wish to cut it off-along with a few other choice parts. I HOPE Obama will be able to keep us safe. I HOPE he is not so busy giving credence to those abhorrent
individuals who wish us dead, that they feel it is their right to impose their will on us. I HOPE these things, but I do not yet feel confident. I would be very unhappy wearing a hijab; it's just not my thing.

Finally, I just want to say thanks-thanks to President Bush for his service-I could NEVER be you. I could never so eloquently put up with the ridicule and outright lies. I could not look the other way or turn a deaf ear to unprovoked attacks on me and my family. We all know what I would do-and if you don't come back tomorrow-you'll see. So, good luck Mr. President. Take it easy for a while. Enjoy yourself, you've earned it. Have a beer, put your feet up and kiss your wife. In the end, the only thing that matters is what those who love us think of our character. If our family and our children always know we were true to ourselves, then we have done our job-our absolute best. Take care and God bless.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Face Punch Wednesday

(If you are new to Face Punch Wednesday, please read this post before you complain. I don't want to hear it.)

Welcome to Face Punch Wednesday.

Senator Bernie Sanders-This guy wants to remove the text appearing with Bush's portrait in the Smithsonian Institute because he "feels" the words are re-writing history. Um, you're an idiot. "Bethany Bentley says museum officials were preparing a response to Sanders and did not want to comment." Know what their comment ought to be? You guessed it-8 punches

Michael Newdow- Once again this lunatic, with clearly too much time on his hands seeks to….I don't know what….make an a$$ out of himself? He wants to prevent religious prayers as part of the official inauguration ceremony. He also wants to stop Chief Justice John Roberts from adding the words "so help me God" to the oath. Now I'm no fan of Obama, but this is stupid-he will be THE PRESIDENT-let him have religion if he wants. Let him kiss a sea kitten for all I care. Just so you know Mr. Newdow is a doctor AND a lawyer. Dude, seriously, find something else to do-6 punches (We're also giving PETA 2 punches for their stupidity-click the link, I dare you.)

Timothy Geithner's-If you're going to tap a guy for TREASURY SECRETARY you might want to check him thoroughly before you announce it. If they confirm this guy-nobody ever has to pay their taxes again. Nobody. Ever. He can't be in charge of the I.R.S. for gosh sakes and forget to pay more than $40,000 in back taxes. 8 punches

Alright kids, that's it for this week-we'll see you next time right here, right now!

The sky is falling AGAIN….

Earlier this week, Obama kinda, sorta, gave us his wants and desires from Congress for a quick turn around on MORE MONEY. Come on folks say it with me ('cause Lord knows we all know it by heart at this point) "It's not too late to change course – but only if we take immediate and dramatic action." Ooooo, gloom and doom. Yeah……..been there, done that. Sadly, his radio address/YouTube video gives us no real insight. While it is clear that his words are full of promises and fear mongering, there are few details. We don't know where he is going to get all the money he's asking for. Immediately. Before catastrophe sets in. What about the jobs he is creating; no, saving; wait no, creating? No creating or saving, that's it. Throughout the speech there is really nothing more than window dressing, no actual road map. But, Obama would like Congress to get to work on passing this behemoth monster so it can be on his desk on day 1 of his term. It seems our recipe for "hope and change" is more of the same with over-bloated government instituting a very bad plan; an example of failed policy, known as Keynesian economics.

By several estimations, the numbers Obama laid out will result in 600,000 new government employees. That's fun. Do you think we will get through the DVM lines any faster? Or will we just make up positions for them. Maybe Road Hole Filler Czar. Maybe Lay Around and Do Nothing but Get Paid Czar. Or, maybe Obama will just start imposing all kinds of crazy rules, regulations and hoops for businesses large and small to jump through. Then those people can work in offices taking care of the resulting paper work nightmare. The rest of the jobs are going to come from the private sector. Hmm, I wonder how that will be accomplished. Will we as business owners be required to have a certain amount of employees or be penalized? It is a mystery why the private sector will suddenly have need for millions more employees, but that is just trivial fact-not hope and change.

Another huge complaint with the stimulus-what is the roadmap back from the brink of hell? With this thinking we are adding almost 1 trillion dollars to our existing deficit. There is no way to ever tax us out of this kind of debt. Taxes would have to be so high and people so oppressed there would likely be some kind of revolt. A plan of deficit spending, without desire for consumer spending, will only have a snowball effect from this point forward. 1 trillion this year, 3 trillion next year and on and on until our nation just collapses on itself. The few who actually make millions are not enough to take care of the rest of us. Period. Obama never lays out how we would get out if this mess. Only how we get in it. Well sorry-that isn't good enough for me!

Finally, in an interview with Charlie Rose two economists (Feldstein and Stiglitz) seem to agree with the very salient point-you canNOT force consumer demand!!!! A huge influencing factor in the economy right now lies in the fact that people are not buying. Spending all this money and creating (or saving-whatever) all those jobs will only float us for a year or two. Then what? People are in a saving cycle-not a spending cycle-we all got burned on that deal. It is very likely we will get two years into this thing and it will be just like the $350 billion that congress (or better yet Paulson) wasted away. It will have not worked, we will be that much poorer and we will have a several trillion dollar deficit.

Everyone in Washington must get a handle on ridiculous spending. The government already spends tons of money all the time! If spending was going to work we would not be in this mess. What congress must do is actually enact policies that will help every American. Payroll taxes should be lowered or eliminated. Investments definitely should be made in our infrastructure-but only on those projects that are worth it and can be afforded. Families who are losing their homes, but are actually trying and capable of getting out of their housing mess should be assisted. The American family needs a break. We are debt weary and spending shy. After some time passes we will have some money saved, begin to feel better about things and once again spend money. While I know Obama would disagree with me "Government is NOT the answer."

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


What you fight for is the real test? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!! So the fact that you rolled over and died on NEARLY every fundamental conservative principle and made those the things you would not fight for-this was the test of your true conservatism? Well then I give you a great big FAIL.

You did fight for Americans-I will not strip the dignity out of your service to the country. However, you no longer fight for us. You spend all your time "reaching across the aisle." You have reached so far across the aisle-not only I am surprised that you haven't fallen out of your chair on numerous occasions, but it is truly a miracle that you just haven't spontaneously combusted into a Democrat.

I am fully annoyed that NOW John McCain wants to be some big bad fundamental Republican, helping to re-shape the party and bring our core message back in line. Really? I mean if only we had had a real republican running for President in the first place things might look a lot different on January 20th.

Face Punch Wednesday

(If you are new to Face Punch Wednesday, please read this post before you complain-I don't want to hear it.)

Welcome to Face Punch Wednesday.

Lawmakers who passed the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). This piece of crap will certainly close up every garage sale, children's resale shop and eliminate any and all donations to charities which assist children and their families struggling through tough times. Thanks to the White House, Congress, and our Representatives for protecting us from nothing, fully taking away our choice and further ruining our economy by thrusting unrealistic rules and regulations on small business SURELY forcing them to close up shop and/or into bankruptcy. Thanks you idiots: 8 punches, extra hard.
(This was a last minute inclusion thanks to GloryQuilts – I was unaware of this issue and am appalled)

Al Franken has the dubious honor of making the list for the second time. It looks like he will knowingly and fraudulently steal the election from Norm Coleman. Excellent Smalley-thanks for making a mockery of our election process. It's fun to know real votes count for nothing as the Dems will count the votes they like twice and simply make up "votes", or find "votes" blowing down the street or in cars or up Franken's butt for the rest, then certify them as legitimate-even more fantastic when they are marked in crayon or cast by people who are too inept to vote in a clear way-seriously people, it's not that hard. If you can't figure it out DON'T VOTE. At this point I say let him have it-then the Senate (& MN) get EXACTLY what they deserve. 50 punches
(I wish your mouth would stop working. Also, please keep in mind you haven't been declared the winner a-hole-just the recount has been certified.)

Finally, just because of the sheer unnecessary-ness of it-the FDA has approved a new drug that will have far reaching healing powers and will surely make our lives better- Latisse, an eyelash lengthening drug that will ensure every American and people around the world can have long luxurious, movie star eyelashes. Holy cow-I am so happy they weren't wasting their time trying to find drugs to cure eye diseases. Or cancer. Or aids. 3 punches
(Yes I know it was found from a glaucoma drug, but remember it's my list and I can punch anyone I want. Thanks and have a nice day!)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Votes? We count ‘em all twice-right??

States, Judges and stupid legal maneuvers have been re-writing laws and discarding the vote of the people since the beginning of time, but 2008 may go down as allowing the most blatantly egregious crimes against the democratic process yet. These groups forget, while a vote taken may not turn out in your favor, voting is based on majority say. While that means some will not get the outcome they want, this is simply the way of a democracy. Perhaps the most outrageous examples of the violation of the sanctity of the vote occurred in the last two months of the year. Issues of gay marriage, a hotly contested Senate seat and the miscarriage of legislative democracy know known as the Automotive Bailout.

A ban on gay marriage was placed on the same ballot as the Presidential candidates in 3 states. The people voted their choice-of President, of some Senators, of judges (as we did in MO)-along with several local/state laws and amendments. Many engaged in voting, voted a more liberal ticket; many voted straight Democratic right down the line. However, those same voters-the overwhelming majority in every one of those states-voted for Proposition 8 banning same sex marriage. Now? Well of course: this vote is now being challenged in the courts. Because the will of the people has been made clear-taken by a valid and binding vote-those who opposed the measure feel they now have the right to FORCE their wishes on the American people. A shameful example of the vote being taken, counted and……immediately discounted and said to be illegal. I have really had it with all the legislating from the bench. The Judicial Branch is not supposed to be in the law-making business-they are to simply interpret the letter of the law and up hold what our Constitution stands for. Ridiculous.

During the same election, on the same ballot, Senator Coleman (R) of Minnesota engaged in a battle for a seat in the Senate against "I wish I had a good or original idea in all my life-Senator wanna be" Al Franken. I have made no secret of my feelings toward Stuart Smalley. I have absolutely no love for this guy, but, apart from that, it is disgusting me how he is stripping all value from any vote cast in his state. He is exploiting not only the sanctity of the vote, but politically ravaging the people who voted. He has now stripped every voter in Minnesota of all reason to ever vote again. Your vote does not count and if you vote the wrong way we will simply throw your vote out, change it to suit us, or finally the best ever we'll just count the votes that do go our way twice.

"This helps explain why more than 25 precincts now have more ballots than
voters who signed in to vote."

"And one Canvassing Board member, State Supreme Court Justice G. Barry
Anderson, has acknowledged that "very likely there was a double counting."

The double counting has been acknowledged!!! How is this even possible? Finally, the clearly mentally impaired members of the Canvassing Board have certified the results which are inconsistent and EMBRASSING in so many ways. This is simply one of the most sickening examples of thievery I have seen in some time.

Then we come to the vote (I use that term very loosely) taken in the Senate on whether to extend financial assistance to the automotive industry. The Senate voted no. NO! Ooop! Ooop! Hold on a minute-with the White House waiting in the wings to print and spend money like a returned-from-sea shipmen to a whore there was no conceivable reason for the UAW to make any concessions or for the Three Little Piggies to worry that a silly little thing like voting would stop them from getting their money. Another grand miscarriage of justice.

Regardless of your position on any of these issues: YOU SHOULD BE WORRIED!!! I am not kidding. It has become clear our lawmakers and the judicial system will do whatever they want. They will skew the voting and/or the results, re-write the laws, or make up new laws and definitions of words to please themselves and for their own political gain. America was founded on majority rule. There are laws and amendments passed all the time that I do not agree with-however this is majority rule. The fact is I am all for trying to change minds and have common sense rule-however when you start "effen" with the system-controlling and manipulating-lies and dishonest rhetoric-it is a slap in the face to those who believe in the sanctity of the vote and the democratic process.