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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Face Punch Wednesday

(If you are new to Face Punch Wednesday, please read this post before you complain. I don't want to hear it.)

Welcome to Face Punch Wednesday.

The people booing Bush as he arrived at the inauguration of President Obama. I love it when the laugh-riot a minute idiots on the left want to show their maturity and inclusiveness by outrageously disrespectful and divisive behavior, but then want to cry big crocodile tears when some of us refuse to bow on bended knee when Lord Obama graces us with another morsel of idiot policy. Yeah I have an attitude-as they would say "Get over it"-10 punches for being classless, spineless, cowards who know no respect.

John Ridley from PBS-This f*cktard should probably just stop talking now. He feels all warm and fuzzy claiming Obama is our first truly American President. Really? So all of the other "melting pot" folks who have led this great land are what nothing but waste? How about the original founding fathers you tool? I somehow doubt anyone was more truly American than them-7punches

Citi Group-Just another day for the rich, spoiled, overcompensated, and really just ridiculous. Citi Group graciously decided to opt out of their $50 million dollar jet purchase after receiving $45 billion dollars in bailout funds. It did take a phone call "from someone one in the Obama administration." I wonder if it was Rahm? There is also lots of talk about them bending over in a quick ankle grab for the government on accepting mortgage "re-do's" by judges when they were against it. Until they were for it of course-5 punches







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