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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Have you actually seen a baby born at 22 weeks?

That is a scan of an actual Polaroid picture taken of MY DAUGHTER the night she was born 11/13/1991.

On that night I had already been in the hospital for two weeks on strict bed rest doing everything in my power to keep her from coming too soon. Well, as I have come to see, she was simply determined to have things her way and there was little I could do to stop her.

I was 22 1/2 weeks pregnant the night she came. She was 11 inches long, about the size of a "fashion doll". She weighed 1 pound 3 ounces-her skin was so thin you could see right through it-her eyes were still fused shut, ya like a puppy, they did not open for 4 days. She almost died several times that first couple of months, but has emerged 17 YEARS LATER with no major issues. She was in the hospital until the day before she should have been born. She is one of two lights of my life.

She would probably disagree that she was not really a person at that time.

That's all I have to say.


  1. What percent of abortions happen at or after that point and for what reason? Be careful of condemning people too quickly.

  2. Damn girl, you giving me goosebumps. If this post doesn't bring it home then I don't know what does. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Normally I don’t comment on my comments-however:

    Really John? I just feel I should apologize to you since apparently my simply relating my own personal experience with a baby BORN at 22 1/2 weeks somehow makes you feel condemned. I really never commented on abortion one way or the other and if you are aggravated that my daughter might have issue with a discussion of whether a fetus of 22 1/2 weeks is a person-well I say have that argument with her.

  4. Especially after your response, your post is very clearly a attempt to condemn those who have late term abortions. And yet you have no clue what number of abortions are late term or the reason those women "choose" to have them. The debate over abortion, especially when framed like this by those on your side of the argument, always overlooks the question of when women lose their person-hood.

  5. Please, please, please point to the exact sentence where I am condemning? Oh please do that for me. The exact one where I say women who have late term abortions are condemned, that I have a clue why they would "choose" to do it, and that I somehow was pointing to any abortion statistics or fact. Please show it to me. Frankly, just even show me where I am even debating or mentioning the word abortion. YOU made this about abortion-I made it about my daughter.
    You're just pissed because my daughter is an actual person and IF ONE was doing a post about abortion, then you would at least have to consider this fact. However, no one here BUT YOU even mentions abortion.
    I see no clear attempt at anything but to share a very personal story. You are certainly welcome to not read it.
    You shouldn’t ASSuME, it just makes you look bad.

  6. John,

    There was absolutely no condemning going on on the part of the author. If Michelle relating a personal experience makes you feel condemned, then it appears you are feeling guilty about something. Frankly, the number of late-term abortions is irrelevant; one is one too many.

    Having been pregnant four times and having had four babies, I can say unequivocally that my "person-hood," as you so ignorantly call it, was never more "found" than when it was helping my offspring to achieve their "person-hoods." You tread on very dangerous ground when you minimize the importance of all those "person-hoods" yet to be realized.

  7. John-
    I always find it fascinating when Men inject their ideas about Women and "womanhood". Contrary to what you have clearly been taught, Men and Women are quite different. God made us that way. I know you are probably really offended that I brought God into this but for many people he's a part of the equation as well.

    Having said that, Michelle has not condemned anyone but instead has shown evidence that a child can sustain life outside the womb at 22 1/2 weeks. Do you find that offensive? If so you need to look into your own heart to discover what about that fact causes you to feel guilty. I agree with Decidelyright, it is your own Guilt you need to deal that drives your response.... Just remember it's never to late to see the Light.

  8. Very well said, Michelle. You would think, given the ever rising number of preemie births in this country, that more people would be aware that babies born at that age not only CAN survive outside the womb, but really and truly ARE actual people.

    And John, I agree that Michelle was not condemning anywhere in her post, but she was most certainly making a point. There's a difference. Perhaps you should just be grateful that, for whatever reason, your mother determined that you were a "person" at some point.

  9. Michelle - forgive me for contacting you via you comments but I couldn't find a contact link on tcot or twitter or here on your blog.

    I represent tcot Missouri and would love to have you drop by and join in our efforts to turn the state around.