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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


What you fight for is the real test? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!! So the fact that you rolled over and died on NEARLY every fundamental conservative principle and made those the things you would not fight for-this was the test of your true conservatism? Well then I give you a great big FAIL.

You did fight for Americans-I will not strip the dignity out of your service to the country. However, you no longer fight for us. You spend all your time "reaching across the aisle." You have reached so far across the aisle-not only I am surprised that you haven't fallen out of your chair on numerous occasions, but it is truly a miracle that you just haven't spontaneously combusted into a Democrat.

I am fully annoyed that NOW John McCain wants to be some big bad fundamental Republican, helping to re-shape the party and bring our core message back in line. Really? I mean if only we had had a real republican running for President in the first place things might look a lot different on January 20th.