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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Votes? We count ‘em all twice-right??

States, Judges and stupid legal maneuvers have been re-writing laws and discarding the vote of the people since the beginning of time, but 2008 may go down as allowing the most blatantly egregious crimes against the democratic process yet. These groups forget, while a vote taken may not turn out in your favor, voting is based on majority say. While that means some will not get the outcome they want, this is simply the way of a democracy. Perhaps the most outrageous examples of the violation of the sanctity of the vote occurred in the last two months of the year. Issues of gay marriage, a hotly contested Senate seat and the miscarriage of legislative democracy know known as the Automotive Bailout.

A ban on gay marriage was placed on the same ballot as the Presidential candidates in 3 states. The people voted their choice-of President, of some Senators, of judges (as we did in MO)-along with several local/state laws and amendments. Many engaged in voting, voted a more liberal ticket; many voted straight Democratic right down the line. However, those same voters-the overwhelming majority in every one of those states-voted for Proposition 8 banning same sex marriage. Now? Well of course: this vote is now being challenged in the courts. Because the will of the people has been made clear-taken by a valid and binding vote-those who opposed the measure feel they now have the right to FORCE their wishes on the American people. A shameful example of the vote being taken, counted and……immediately discounted and said to be illegal. I have really had it with all the legislating from the bench. The Judicial Branch is not supposed to be in the law-making business-they are to simply interpret the letter of the law and up hold what our Constitution stands for. Ridiculous.

During the same election, on the same ballot, Senator Coleman (R) of Minnesota engaged in a battle for a seat in the Senate against "I wish I had a good or original idea in all my life-Senator wanna be" Al Franken. I have made no secret of my feelings toward Stuart Smalley. I have absolutely no love for this guy, but, apart from that, it is disgusting me how he is stripping all value from any vote cast in his state. He is exploiting not only the sanctity of the vote, but politically ravaging the people who voted. He has now stripped every voter in Minnesota of all reason to ever vote again. Your vote does not count and if you vote the wrong way we will simply throw your vote out, change it to suit us, or finally the best ever we'll just count the votes that do go our way twice.

"This helps explain why more than 25 precincts now have more ballots than
voters who signed in to vote."

"And one Canvassing Board member, State Supreme Court Justice G. Barry
Anderson, has acknowledged that "very likely there was a double counting."

The double counting has been acknowledged!!! How is this even possible? Finally, the clearly mentally impaired members of the Canvassing Board have certified the results which are inconsistent and EMBRASSING in so many ways. This is simply one of the most sickening examples of thievery I have seen in some time.

Then we come to the vote (I use that term very loosely) taken in the Senate on whether to extend financial assistance to the automotive industry. The Senate voted no. NO! Ooop! Ooop! Hold on a minute-with the White House waiting in the wings to print and spend money like a returned-from-sea shipmen to a whore there was no conceivable reason for the UAW to make any concessions or for the Three Little Piggies to worry that a silly little thing like voting would stop them from getting their money. Another grand miscarriage of justice.

Regardless of your position on any of these issues: YOU SHOULD BE WORRIED!!! I am not kidding. It has become clear our lawmakers and the judicial system will do whatever they want. They will skew the voting and/or the results, re-write the laws, or make up new laws and definitions of words to please themselves and for their own political gain. America was founded on majority rule. There are laws and amendments passed all the time that I do not agree with-however this is majority rule. The fact is I am all for trying to change minds and have common sense rule-however when you start "effen" with the system-controlling and manipulating-lies and dishonest rhetoric-it is a slap in the face to those who believe in the sanctity of the vote and the democratic process.

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