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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Is this really helping things?

I, like you, have been doing a lot of thinking the past few days, since this stupid Porkulous Crap-a-Rama Bailout came down the pike. I have come to the conclusion that any form of the current package is unneeded and a complete waste of money. I'm wondering….are things really getting worse? Look at the whole economy-look at people you know. I know there have been lay-offs, I know people are having a hard time getting credit, but are things on the brink of implosion if we don't take some kind of action. I'm sorry-I just don't believe it any more. Even now, people are getting by, though things are tight. I believe the general population is coming up with creative ways to deal with the facts as they are. I believe the general population is going to be ok.

The government tries to force this piece of trash down our throats with the threat that if we don't do something immediately everything is going to hell-in-a-hand basket. Ironically, they have been saying that for about 4 months. I know certain sectors are hurting. I do believe a few very specific programs could be enacted to provide some relief. But that is it, nothing more. The government cannot spend us out of this mess. We are figuring it out without them.

Here are a few examples of policies I think would actually help people, more so than Porkulous:

  • Extend and maybe even slightly increase unemployment benefits for the next 12 months with a review of that policy at the end of the term.
  • Suspend all federal payroll taxes for 6 months to 1 year
  • Tell the credit card companies there will be a freeze on rate increases to all borrowers for 12 months and maybe permanently. At this time they are raising rates and fees to all borrowers and more so to those who can afford it the least. They really need to stop-it is on the verge of being predatory and that is illegal. On top of everything, several of these companies have benefitted from the TARP Bailout fiasco-so if you have that credit card-you get screwed coming and going. You paid to bail them out, now they are shrinking your credit line and raising your fees. Ridiculous.
  • Put a stop to the oil companies lowering output, making record profits and raising gas prices, even now, with barrels of oil staying around $30-$40 per barrel. This is a basic commodity that nearly every citizen must have; in addition it affects almost every other industry. Keeping these prices low, at least for now, is very important.

Keep in mind a few things-I am not in favor of any government regulations-if enacted-being made permanent. I think they should be reviewed and probably repealed once recovery is happening. Also, these are just a few examples; I'm sure a few more could be added that would be of value to aid the actual people. The bigger point I am making is this-none of the things I have come up with would require new bureaucracies and very little (if any) new spending-very little. What they would require is cutting fat from our current budget. It would require hard work on the part of the government for once, instead of the people they claim to serve. As Obama and Biden believe and tell us all the time "It won't be easy, government, but cutting back and doing YOUR part government, is the patriotic thing."

The truth is, during this recession some segments will be hurt, some seriously-even devastated-but we should not panic and give the entire population radical brain surgery when some folks only have a headache.

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