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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It was Lame. Now it’s Just Pathetic.

When will Obama stop blaming President Bush for all his woes of today? One more time I say, "Every single President since the beginning of time has inherited the deficits AND BENEFITS of the prior Administration." All of them. Every one. Quit with the whining. It was lame the first time you did it. Now it's just weirdly pathetic.

"Obama said that the reason his budget predicts such large deficits is not because of new spending for health care, energy and education but because of structural deficits that he inherited."

No, I'm sorry but that is a complete and total lie. The reason our deficits will blow the roof off anything resembling reality over the next several years is because you are spending money in astronomical amounts on things that will not correct the situation we have now. While I completely agree that there are changes in energy and healthcare that must be explored, this approach is not the right one. Private industry (new energy) and less government intervention (healthcare) should be the things that drive these initiatives. One cannot say my account is over-drawn already, however additional checks will bounce not because I am continuing to write checks, but because of all the money I spent last year. This is just more convoluted thinking and more justification for what his true agenda is. Whether you call him a hard-line liberal or a Socialist-he wants drastic change and that change will ruin this country.

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  1. Great analogy with the "non-sufficient" funds.

    Remember all, aside from letters to our elected representatives and acts of civil disobedience, we must seriously consider for whom we will be voting in 2010 and 2012. Start looking at voting records of incumbents, character of all potential canditates and seriously consider "term limits." We "Walk" with our votes!

    BTW, Michelle "I'm not mean-you're just a sissy" that's gold! I WANT A TSHIRT!!