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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Face Punch Wednesday

(If you are new to Face Punch Wednesday, please read this post before you complain-I don't want to hear it.)

People I Want to Punch in the Face

If you can invoke the "C" word, I can invoke the "F" word. People like you are the only ones who make me want to. If you didn't want an honest answer-don't ask the question. You are not the boss of what other people believe or think. 10 punches

I'm glad you left the Republican party; you've been a Democrat all along anyway. However, you're a self-serving little prick; you only left because you thought you might lose. God forbid, those nasty little "voters" decide it's time to end your career in politics. Hey, if you can't take the vote, get outta the politics. 5-punches

Poor, poor Louis Caldera, you're getting blamed for the whole thing....I don't believe it was all you.....I don't believe *HE* didn't know......but none-the-less you're getting punched for you're stupidity in being complicit. 8 punches

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Face Punch Wednesday

(If you are new to Face Punch Wednesday, please read this post before you complain-I don't want to hear it.)
People I Want to Punch in the Face
FPW was on hiatus due to the Tea Parties, but it is back this week. Enjoy!

Just so you know, you miserable failure of a reporter, it is never appropriate to debate with a person exercising their right to freedom of assembly and speech. Did you ever debate Cindy Sheehan and her crew? Did you ever stand up for Bush? Then shut your f'n trap! 8 punches

I am unsure how you got the job of Homeland Security Secretary; however two things are exceedingly clear-you cannot tell the difference between a real threat, like a Somali terrorist, and a non-threat, like a housewife who supports life. Even then you wouldn't know where a real terrorist might come from-like, NOT Canada. You need to go away now. Bu-bye and take your 10 punches with you.

Douche bag. That's all. 10 punches

You're the only stupid, racist, redneck, bitch I'm aware of as it relates to the Tea Parties. Everyone I met was very nice and none of those thing. 25 punches

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stop Reaching Back to the Future

As I sit and watch more fancy dancing by the current Administration, it occurs to me that all this reaching "back to the future" by Obama and his crew has got to stop. It is not now, nor has it ever been a proper and democratic policy to persecute (or nullify) something today, that was ok yesterday, which you are no longer doing. WTF? How is this reasonable or frankly, even legal? This Administration started out being all about going "back to the future" for all sorts of reasons. It seems, now that they have discovered such a thing, they just can't stop.

First, it was back to the future for blame on the current economic crisis. Then, it was back to the future on the current spending bill, budget and bailouts. The whole, "I inherited a debt, so I have to quadruple it." just doesn't hold water. You wanted it, you ran for it, it's yours-you own it.

Then, we had the attempted changing of contracts, previously drawn up, legal and known. Everyone got all up in arms over the AIG bonuses, which are legally enforceable contracts. The administration thought they might just step in and change the contract. Geithner thinks we should give him the ability to go back to the future forever, at any bank, for any worker, for any reason and make changes to the pay structures and contracts-whether they take TARP funds or not. Um, no.

What about Rick Wagoner? This Administration went back to the future to change the terms of GM's contracted employment by strongly suggesting that the head of GM step down. Just say what it is-the Obama administration fired that guy, no matter that he had a contract. They went back to the future and got rid of the guy who was originally in charge when the money was first given. When Administration decided they wanted more control they went in and put new terms on an old deal.

"Jeremy Anwyl, chief executive of the automotive Web site Edmunds.com, called the move "political theater" to appease an increasingly bailout-weary public."

Oh, that's no kidding.

Now today, I see the most egregious example of reaching back into the future possibly prosecuting the lawyers who drew up the legal memos approving harsh interrogation tactics. The tactics that have been proven to have stopped additional attacks and prevented death. Really, that is not even the point-the point is these memos were determined legal at the time. You cannot go back and now prosecute someone for something that was not illegal when they did it. The cops can't come and give me a ticket now for not wearing a seatbelt when I was 10-it was not the law then.

Not only is this practice completely wrong thinking and immoral, it's dangerous. We cannot live in a world where any legal and binding thing can be undone by the government, at any time, for any reason and at any whim. If corporate executives must consider they could lose future (and possibly past) compensation with no apparent rhyme or reason, they will simply stop taking those jobs. If corporations worry that any deal can be remade without their consent, they will stop making deals. If folks designated with keeping America safe worry that at any time they could be held to account for something that at one time was not illegal, but is now, we will no longer be safe. If this Administration is allowed to continue reaching back to the future unchecked, shaping past policy to fit today's agenda, we should all worry. In that world, no one is safe when the Administration decides they don't like your setup either.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Their Opinion is Irrelevant

I went to a Tea Party this week; one of over 805 in fact. It was a peaceful demonstration against waste, out-of-control spending and over the top growth of governement-all of which must be stopped.

It was a lot of things.

It was peaceful.

It was uniting

It was family

It was also NOT a lot of things.....

It was not violent. We didn’t destroy anyone’s property or hurt people:

We didn’t throw anything on anyone:
What You Don't Know About PETA

We didn’t commit arson, or burn anything:
4 Are Indicted on Earth Liberation Front Arson Charges in Colorado
Earth Liberation Front members plead guilty in 2001 firebombing

We didn’t even shout down those who disagreed with us:
Iraq War Protester Shouts Down Condoleezza Rice

Nor did we yell “Go die, along with hate!”

It's weird, 'cause I know if you listen to these two idiots:

Or this fool:

You wouldn't have known that.

I hope you had as much fun at your event and felt as liberated as I did. Stay strong....their opinion is irrelevant.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Party Tease Two

Sorry guys-I have been exhausted today. I don't know why...the hosts for our Tea Party should be the ones taking a break, but maybe between kid issues, being so focused on the Tea Parties upcoming and work being more than steady for some time now-I just needed to crash and burn today. Anyway, although I will be putting up the obligitory "Tea Party was Awesome" post-this is what I have for now:

Here was my most awesome sign and I think it expresses my feelings sooo well:

We are off to see Laura Ingraham tonight so that should be fun. I have not ever seen her in person and I enjoy most of her radio show.

I know you all had a great time at your parties-I spent a lot of time reading others post rather than doing my own :) More will be forth coming soon I promise.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

St. Louis Tax Day Tea Party 2009

Watch us LIVE starting at 6:30 CST.

I just wanted to quickly say what a great time I had today at our Tax Day Tea Party! It was a smashing success and there were no problems what-so-ever. There were a few counter protesters (like 10) that mostly stayed across the street or on the fringe and not only caused us no harm, but really made no impact. In fact, I actually did not even see them-I was just told they were there.

I had an awesome time live blogging the event for Foxnews.com on behalf of Smart Girl Politics. It's posted here: http://teamwashington.blogs.foxnews.com/2009/04/15/st-lous-tea-party-live-blog/ I will put some awesome pictures here and there tomorrow.

For now dear reader-I am exhausted and must retire! I hope your Tea Party was teh awesome too!

Monday, April 13, 2009

No Tolerance for Stupidity

I have a very low tolerance for stupid people. It is amazing to me that it is OK for these two idiots to insult, offend and bash regular Americans for exercising their right of free speech to protest wasteful government spending. It is amazing to me that it is OK to liken these protests to a sex act made famous by the porn industry. All because we have something to say. It is amazing to me that Media Matters wants to cry foul about the coverage Fox News gives the Tea Parties, but this is the coverage MSM wants to give the parties.

Just for fun, one more time, to help all the slow folks out there:
-The massive tax cuts for 95% of Americans? Gee, $13 bucks a week? Thanks. Oh and those tax cuts will promptly be completely and fully wiped out (and then some) when Cap and Trade is implemented and prices for everything skyrocket as a result.
-The previous Administration? A) Two wrongs don't make a right. B) Quadrupling the deficit is NOT the fault of the previous administration-that's all our dear leader Obama. All this time I was told Obama was smarter than Bush, but he really can't do anything new or original. It looks to me like Obama's plan is to take the biggest mistakes of the past and multiply them a gillion katrillion times.
-The President should worry about more important things like "the banking crisis, the overall economic situation, health care." ? Umm, psst, over here........that is what the protests are about!!!!

Finally, to repeatedly call it "tea bagging" is soooo funny. You guys are super clever; I could only wish to have the insight and comedic ability of a 10-year old boy. Oh sorry, that probably insults 10-year old boys everywhere.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Will anyone call B.S.?

The G20 Summit starts in Paris later this week. Obama is over there, as are most leaders, smoozing, gearing up to make their case. Considering many of the most influential and important leaders are full blown Socialists, it would be an understatement to say I was scared out of my mind. It is clear we are not only being inched toward socialistic policy, but that a true Global Economy is not far behind. I have no doubt global rules and regulations to lead us down this road will come out of the summit and I have no doubt that for the most part this will go unnoticed by the general public and the main stream media.

The French are already making demands and the summit hasn't even started:

"Earlier, President Nicholas Sarkozy of France was quoted by officials in his government as saying he would walk away from the summit if it failed to meet his demands for measures to confront the crisis."

Is this to say if we don't go the way of France-they won't deal with us? While I realize there is probably little to worry about for President Sarkozy, Obama is right there with the Socialism thing, I don't care for that tone. Now countries are in the business of demanding that a democratic Republic go the way of Socialism? Oh and I have some news for you Sarkozy, the state of your country? Not that great.

Obama goes on to say how forward thinking he is. Along with the fact he is not worried about who is to blame:

"In the past, Mr. Brown has called the United States the source of the crisis, and President Obama said Wednesday the United States "certainly has some accounting to do." But, "I'm less interested in identifying blame than fixing the problem," he said. He went on: "I'm a big believer in looking forward rather than looking backward."

WHAATT????? Did Obama go through some sort of mind erasing time warp on the way to France? President Obama is not interested in blame? President Obama believes in looking forward not backward? WTF? I cannot believe these words are coming out of his mouth. He doled out blame during the Inauguration speech. Looking backwards, placing blame and deflecting responsibility are the hallmarks of every speech Obama makes. Just one more example of thinking the public is too stupid to see him for what he really is. I wish we had one member of Congress that would call Obama out, just one.
Finally, after all the fear mongering and crisis, catastrophe, and catastrophic failure talk we now have this:

"Mr. Obama returned several times to the theme that the crisis would at some stage end. So, he said, "basing decisions around fear is not the right way" for people to deal with the crisis. "We are going to get through these difficult times."

Unbelievable. Obama has done nothing but make rush policy decisions, push social policy on the back of crisis and use fear mongering to get anything done up to this point. The stimulus had to be done immediately, so much so not one single member of congress could read it. The budget has to be acted on swiftly or everything will go to hell in a hand-basket. The bank bailouts and mortgage crisis must be dealt with immediately or our entire financial system will collapse. Immediately. Right now. FEAR. FEAR. FEAR.

Fear and crisis are the only way Obama knows how to govern. He has no other way to push his agenda. But, just like here in the states, he will say one thing, all the while pushing his socialist agenda, while not one single person calls "bullshit".