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Monday, April 13, 2009

No Tolerance for Stupidity

I have a very low tolerance for stupid people. It is amazing to me that it is OK for these two idiots to insult, offend and bash regular Americans for exercising their right of free speech to protest wasteful government spending. It is amazing to me that it is OK to liken these protests to a sex act made famous by the porn industry. All because we have something to say. It is amazing to me that Media Matters wants to cry foul about the coverage Fox News gives the Tea Parties, but this is the coverage MSM wants to give the parties.

Just for fun, one more time, to help all the slow folks out there:
-The massive tax cuts for 95% of Americans? Gee, $13 bucks a week? Thanks. Oh and those tax cuts will promptly be completely and fully wiped out (and then some) when Cap and Trade is implemented and prices for everything skyrocket as a result.
-The previous Administration? A) Two wrongs don't make a right. B) Quadrupling the deficit is NOT the fault of the previous administration-that's all our dear leader Obama. All this time I was told Obama was smarter than Bush, but he really can't do anything new or original. It looks to me like Obama's plan is to take the biggest mistakes of the past and multiply them a gillion katrillion times.
-The President should worry about more important things like "the banking crisis, the overall economic situation, health care." ? Umm, psst, over here........that is what the protests are about!!!!

Finally, to repeatedly call it "tea bagging" is soooo funny. You guys are super clever; I could only wish to have the insight and comedic ability of a 10-year old boy. Oh sorry, that probably insults 10-year old boys everywhere.

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  1. I'd argue that you're not intolerant of their stupidity, you're intolerant of the assholishness that comes as a consequence of their stupidity.