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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Party Tease Two

Sorry guys-I have been exhausted today. I don't know why...the hosts for our Tea Party should be the ones taking a break, but maybe between kid issues, being so focused on the Tea Parties upcoming and work being more than steady for some time now-I just needed to crash and burn today. Anyway, although I will be putting up the obligitory "Tea Party was Awesome" post-this is what I have for now:

Here was my most awesome sign and I think it expresses my feelings sooo well:

We are off to see Laura Ingraham tonight so that should be fun. I have not ever seen her in person and I enjoy most of her radio show.

I know you all had a great time at your parties-I spent a lot of time reading others post rather than doing my own :) More will be forth coming soon I promise.

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