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Friday, April 17, 2009

Their Opinion is Irrelevant

I went to a Tea Party this week; one of over 805 in fact. It was a peaceful demonstration against waste, out-of-control spending and over the top growth of governement-all of which must be stopped.

It was a lot of things.

It was peaceful.

It was uniting

It was family

It was also NOT a lot of things.....

It was not violent. We didn’t destroy anyone’s property or hurt people:

We didn’t throw anything on anyone:
What You Don't Know About PETA

We didn’t commit arson, or burn anything:
4 Are Indicted on Earth Liberation Front Arson Charges in Colorado
Earth Liberation Front members plead guilty in 2001 firebombing

We didn’t even shout down those who disagreed with us:
Iraq War Protester Shouts Down Condoleezza Rice

Nor did we yell “Go die, along with hate!”

It's weird, 'cause I know if you listen to these two idiots:

Or this fool:

You wouldn't have known that.

I hope you had as much fun at your event and felt as liberated as I did. Stay strong....their opinion is irrelevant.