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Friday, April 17, 2009

Their Opinion is Irrelevant

I went to a Tea Party this week; one of over 805 in fact. It was a peaceful demonstration against waste, out-of-control spending and over the top growth of governement-all of which must be stopped.

It was a lot of things.

It was peaceful.

It was uniting

It was family

It was also NOT a lot of things.....

It was not violent. We didn’t destroy anyone’s property or hurt people:

We didn’t throw anything on anyone:
What You Don't Know About PETA

We didn’t commit arson, or burn anything:
4 Are Indicted on Earth Liberation Front Arson Charges in Colorado
Earth Liberation Front members plead guilty in 2001 firebombing

We didn’t even shout down those who disagreed with us:
Iraq War Protester Shouts Down Condoleezza Rice

Nor did we yell “Go die, along with hate!”

It's weird, 'cause I know if you listen to these two idiots:

Or this fool:

You wouldn't have known that.

I hope you had as much fun at your event and felt as liberated as I did. Stay strong....their opinion is irrelevant.


  1. Very well said.

    The obviously biased media is one of the biggest reasons we got rid of cable.

  2. Amen, Sister

    It was an inspiration. The Revolution has begun.

  3. Great post! Our little FDL, WI rally was very peaceful too. Media slanted it of course and called themselves balanced. So many newspapers and TV channels I am no longer watching or subscribing to.....so many people I will no longer watch on cable. When they have no followers and their numbers drop significantly perhaps they will decide they have an interest in covering an event honestly and respectfully again someday. Yes...the Revolution has begun!

  4. Glad you had a good time at one of the Tea Parties. I am one of the Co-Coordinators for the Atlanta Tea Party. It was amazing to see so many people united for responsibility with our tax dollars!