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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Huge Power Grab from Homeschoolers' Rights in MO-SB291

My regular visitors know, I really don't talk about family things much around here. I mostly just rant and rave about all things political so I don't actually run around punching people in the face :) However, today it has come to my attention there is a last minute move in our State Legislature to further erode not only Homeschoolers Rights, but Parental Rights, in my state of Missouri. I cannot idly sit by and not help these folks out. I am a parent, so I fully support Parents Rights over States Rights and I fully support those who homeschool. I often say of I had it to do all over (mine are almost done now at 16 & 17) I might opt for homeschooling instead-especially as I look back and some of the things I have endured at the hands of other parents of public school kids-but anyway I digress. This is not about me this is about all parents.
"From our homeschool lobbyist:
Senate Bill 291 modifies the language in 167.031.6 to extend compulsory attendance indefinitely, based on an unidentified standard of 16 high school credits before a student is released from the compulsory attendance statute. This means, home educators would have to prove their student had 16 acceptable credits before considering their mandatory education complete. While this MAY occur at an age younger than 16, it could also extend to 18 or even 20 if the un-named authority did not accept the credits of the home school. And again, just who assess the validity fo those 16 credits is not defined in the bill."
My friend Dana has all the info you need. Call our legislature and tell them to banish this ridiculous and vague language giving our already poor educational bureaucracy even more mandate power over those who out perform public school kids in every arena.

Good luck you guys-MY call is already in!

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