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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another Installment of "Sham and Shove It"

I have a lot to say about the "great health care debate", but as it stands right now I'm not ready to start a full on assault just yet. However, as I was perusing the news this morning, I ran across a story about Obama taking another "Sham and Shove It" townhall across this great land.

Seems one of the stories he will highlight at this ridiculous bullshit session in Green Bay, Wisconsin will be from a woman with metastatic breast cancer:
"Green Bay resident Laura Klitzka, a 35-year-old, married mother of two, was set to introduce Obama at a town hall-style meeting. Klitzka has metastatic breast cancer and carries about $12,000 in unpaid medical bills.

Before leaving Washington, the White House released a biography on Klitzka, saying "she doesn't want to lose their house over her illness and while she knows she won't be able to see her children grow up, she wants to be sure the time she has left with them is quality and not spent worrying about health care bills."

Don't get me wrong-that is terrible and I have absolutely NO ARGUMENT that changes must be made to the current system. I just can't help but feel the government is not the answer to her problems.

I wonder if it makes folks feel more secure to know under a government run health plan, in a case like this, it is way more likely you'll lose your life .

Maybe they don't know, with socialized medicine it's very important for you to know when it is your duty to die.

Finally, you don't necessarily need to be sick to be asked to realize your duty, you might just have dementia.

Not to worry though, they don't leave it up to you.........the government will decide when your time has come.

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