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Friday, June 5, 2009

Face Punch Wednesday

Janine Sugawara-(Sorry no photo) This idiot has filed (and thankfully lost) a lawsuit claiming she just recently learned there were not real berries in Crunch Berries Cereal. Um, what? People this stupid should not be allowed to continue. What a ridiculous waste of our legal system.....oh and air. 5 punches

Guy Cimbalo-(Again, sorry I was unable to verify any photos I was finding) So this week good 'ole Guy skyrocketed to fame by introducing the now famous "Playboy 's "Top 10 Conservative Women We Hate to Love" Listen, I don't know who this guy is, I don't really care who he wants to f*ck.....however I'm pretty sure rape is against the law. Hopefully, there are some dudes somewhere compiling their own "Playboy Bloggers Named Guy I'd like to Hate F*ck". Oh, I'm sorry did I go too far? 15 punches

Watch this video:

Brian, Brian, Brian...........sweetie you should have just given him a little kiss goodnight and offered to carry him upstairs so his golden feet wouldn't touch the ground. 8 punches

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