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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Whoring Your Soul in Washington

As has been widely reported and discussed, among people who care anyway, the Cap and Trade Bill was debated and narrowly passed yesterday thanks to the RINO votes of 8 Republicans who just couldn't follow the party platform and do the right thing. Strangely, the bipartisan part of that bill was the 44 Democrats who crossed the other way and voted no. I can only thank them, on this one vote, for attempting to look out for the American people. Unfortunately, this bill needed 218 votes to pass and thanks to the 8 Republicans who just attempted to sell our souls down the river for a bunch of pay-offs that only benefit them, it passed with 219. If it wasn't so easy to whore your soul and your morals in Washington, this bill would have died, and a message sent to Obama and the gang of charlatans running the show that we aren't going to take this Crap and Tirade any more.

The one bright shining spot during the whole fiasco was a mini, hour long filibuster by Rep. John Boehner from Ohio. As it was, I just happened to be sitting in my office watching CSPAN shortly before and then during most of his time. If you missed it, it's too bad, it was definitely worth seeing. He made a lot of great points about not only the bill itself , but in particular about the 300 page amendment and how no one had read any of that.

A few minutes of it here:

Thank you Representative Boehner. You should have a class for the other Republicans you work with, about supporting the party platform and protecting the people they are there to represent.

I love how he talked about all of the things that were in the bill that have nothing to do with energy. Special training for real estate appraisers? New rules for "community organizations"?(read: ACORN) Even mention of building codes and inspections. Frankly, after he read all that stuff that had NOTHING to do with energy and climate change, I couldn't believe anyone who claims to be a representative of the American people could vote for that thing. We have been strapped with debt, over debt, over debt-thanks to Bush and his Democratic Congress, then Obama and the out-of-control Pelosi/Reid making it better......by quadrupling it. We, and in particular our children, will be crushed with this debt. There really will be no way back once we fall over the precipice.

No matter what your stance on climate change, no matter what your thoughts on how we could be better stewards of the earth, THIS monstrosity is a farce. It is nothing but a derivatives market and a money maker for people who already have money. Speculating, the buying and selling of thin air and betting the farm on intangibles. We saw how that kind of "investing" works out over the last 8 months, didn't we? All of the other stuff is just a bribe to special interest and government to feed off of the American people's blood and soul and to make the powerful more powerful.

Real scientists should be the ones debating this stuff, not a bunch of nut-jobs with visions of complete control dancing in their heads.

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