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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Date With Destiny

A few words from me about the end of my life.

(Correction-so I realized that I said "me and my" and my mom would be mortified! So, I correct myself I know it is "Darin and I" or "my cohort and I" How embarassing :) Don't hold it against me too much-sometimes my hoosier shows through.)

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  1. Hi! Michelle’s mom, here. Mortified about her grammar . . . not. It’s great she’s full of passion! :)

    BUT terrified, to my deepest depths, about a healthcare plan which could prevent her access to a kidney transplant .. . ABSOLUTELY! We've know, since she was less than one year old, a transplant would be necessary later in her life. Each of her years has brought wonderful advances in transplants, which has been an enormous relief. However, the currently proposed healthcare plan seems to threaten her very life. It does so because critical details are absent, and because its “alternate care” ideas, foretell it would not be economically possible to cover all things, for all age groups. Any threat of denying a transplant, for my feisty, intelligent, fabulous daughter, angers and horrifies me!!! Can you imagine the insane reactions if people are denied necessary, timely healthcare measures, for themselves, or loved ones?! Jails couldn’t be built fast enough. We MUST NOT accept healthcare reform, as it is currently proposed!