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Friday, July 17, 2009

Representation You Can Believe In....(or not so much)

Today there were several impromptu Healthcare Protests around the country which took place at district offices of Senators and Representatives, wherein We the People are taking a stand against government run healthcare. The protest was organized by Americans for Prosperity and the St. Louis Tea Party Coalition. The idea, as always, is just to get some people out on the street to let our reps know, contrary to what Obama would like folks to think, not EVERYONE is actually in favor of taking the pain pill or going into hospice-especially not as so ordered by the government. But, I have already written on that and I won't delve into it again right now.

When I got there, the crowd was about 2/3 formed-more arrived some time later. Most of the people were on the median in the middle of the street, walking around and doing some pleasant chanting. There were no rednecks or right wing extremists that I could see. (I keep hearing about them, but like the fabled jackalope, I have never actually seen one.)

After a few snapshots, I walked over to the median and joined my fellow protesters. I saw there were additional people across the street on the sidewalk in front of Ms. McCaskill's office. What really struck me though was the fact that all of the shades were drawn.

Since I didn't get there right on time, I thought maybe there was no one in there. I asked a couple of people and as it turns out there were folks inside. Once the protesters started showing up, they closed all the blinds and locked the door-but not before flipping the bird to a few of the protesters through the window. Nice. That is sum super class right there.

(It reminds me of the lady who was so aggravated with our protesting there on the street that she drove by three times in her falling apart, rented U-Haul, just to flip all of us off and yell obscenities. She was sweet. I wish I could have gotten her picture too. I'm sure, in the end, we could have hugged it out.)

About an hour passed, most of us just chatting and chanting-during which time sooooo many people drove by and honked in support-if you were one of them THANKS! We appreciate you. For the bird flipper and a few who drove by shouting things that were not nice-you can kiss my ass. When your mother gets breast cancer or your family member gets hit by a car and needs life saving surgery and YOU CAN'T GET TREATMENT-just remember, we were protesting for you too.

Just about the time we were getting ready to break up for the day, the cops showed up! I guess someone inside had called them. There was no yelling, no crazy behavior, no one really making a nuisance of themselves at all, but the cops came anyway.

I have now learned two things-knocking on the door of your local representatives office is not welcome and the sidewalk in front of their office is strangely private property. Um, no it's not, but whatever.

The cops told us all to move into the median; no one could be one the sidewalk. So we did as we were told.

In the end 6 people (including Gateway Pundit)were allowed inside-with an ARMED COP-and had a say with a staffer. I was told she said nothing. They were in there all of 5 minutes. Gateway Pundit has a write up and some video over on his site-be sure to check it out!
Oh and P.S. Once the 6 had been allowed inside and then came back it was corrected by the officers that we could indeed stand on the sidewalk, just not on the part on the other side of the railing going into a PUBLIC REPRESENTATIVES OFFICE. I know, weird isn't it?

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  1. Hi Michelle,

    A friend of mine spoke with you today and said you are an awesome patriot, so thank you!

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