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Monday, July 27, 2009

VIDEO-McCaskill Healthcare Forum

Below is the recorded livestream from the Claire McCaskill Healthcare Forum. I warn you ahead of time-when the crowd gets going or the people start yelling the audio gets a little painful, but when I am videoing I have to choose something that will work for the loud talkers and the quiet talkers, so bear with me. Just don't listen at 100%-you will be sorry :)

Enjoy and send everyone you know here to watch. We have to educate the public.


Part 2
UPDATE: This is longest video segment. In it you will see person after person coming up to talk about how they do not want this. There are personal stories, there are statements of fact, there are PEOPLE who will be effected by this monstrosity who all feel there is a better way.
Starting about 9:30 Jim Durbin of 24thstate.com talks about actually having read the bill and how it is clearly designed to put private insurance out of business.
Around 16:35 a young man with cochlear implants speaks to how his life has been changed by having them and how he would not receive them under the current plans being discussed-mainly due to the expense.
19:28 starts the young veteran who takes Claire to task and demands an apology. He too was really unbelievable in his passion and conviction. Everyone was really.......

Part 3

Part 4

There is a large time gap in between video 3 and 4. Mysteriously the Internet connection I had been using all night stopped working and threw me off. I had to disconnect and reconnect. Sabotage? You be the judge.

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