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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Law Making Brilliance at Work for You

So here in Missouri it was announced yesterday that lawmakers in the state capitol wanted to reduce trash on our waterways from polystyrene pollution. You know, "Styrofoam " coolers, cups, plates-stuff like that.

Lawmakers intended to reduce floating debris and pollution from abandoned foam coolers in the state's waterways.

Unfortunately, since our lawmakers rarely, if ever, actually know what they are talking about, they banned the wrong thing.

But they confused their plastics, and instead of banning Styrofoam, they criminalized the plastic containers found in many kitchens but seldom used to ferry beer and soda down a river.

What I really can't understand about this whole embarrassing situation is WHY, if they figured it out before the law took effect didn't they put the brakes on passage and fix the damn bill. WTH? Why would they go ahead and pass a law banning Tupperware, while continuing to allow polystyrene containers?

Another example of fine law making at your service.

1 comment:

  1. Lol Funny stuff...

    That is what we call a Brain Trust...

    Does that mean I can't play with Tupperware in the River any more? Or Put my Wallet in my Tupperware while canoeing???