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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Will They Ever Get a Clue?

Big surprise-the government program "Cash for Clunkers" has run out of money. I guess they thought people wouldn't rush in to get "free" money from the government. Do you think when they take over healthcare, they will give us back our own money to let grandma go to hospice or not be burdened with a child? I am glad to learn that in this time of trillion dollar deficits and an economic catastrophe of epic proportions we have extra money lying around to give away on crap like this.........
The program was designed to encourage owners of pollution-spewing gas guzzlers to trade them in for new, more-efficient cars, helping the hard-pressed auto industry and the environment, too. Enticed by rebates of $3,500 to $4,500, car owners are jumping at the offer. It worked, almost too well.
Far more drivers signed up for the program, leaving dealers panicked over when or if the government would make good on the hefty rebates.
The House was first in what's expected to be a fast pit stop, voting to pour in another $2 billion. The Senate has yet to act -- it is expected to take up the measure next week -- but the White House said weekend deals would count, no matter what.
President Obama said the program has "succeeded well beyond our expectations" and is pushing the Senate to pass the measure next week.
I wonder if they see the irony in giving the tax payer money to buy a car from a taxpayer funded company? I wonder if they lowered credit standards so more people can get these cars? I wonder if our leadership is ever going to get a clue.

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