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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wrap Up of Recess Rally in St. Louis-Russ Carnahan

(UPDATE: Be sure to scroll all the way down. We had our usual ton 'o reporting on Rallies all across Missouri. I wouldn't want you to miss any of the information. These guys (and gals) all work exceptionally hard to be sure you get the stories you aren't going to get from the main stream outlets.)

Today I attended the Recess Rally in St. Louis, MO in front of Russ Carnahan's Manchester Rd. office. We could not have asked for better weather and the turn out was fantastic. We had just over 1,000 folks turn up to show their disenchantment with the current healthcare proposals in the House and Senate.

Folks were extremely pleasant and happy to be there. The majority of cars that drove by honked their support of our effort. It is so nice to hear that when we are standing there-it's not hard work, but it does take a lot of time and effort for those deeply involved, so the acknowledgement is nice.

Here is some crowd video. There is not a lot going on here, but it shows about half our attendees and it really gives a sense of how folks were acting and feeling:

Bill and Dana say a few words to the crowd:

With those words, they got the crowd all fired up! A few minutes later the "angry mob" began to sing "America the Beautiful". It was horrific and scary to see such a display of patriotism:

I spoke to Bill and Dana for just a few minutes about the day, the crowd, the feeling and the turn-out:

Needless to say-we are all very pleased!

Finally, just as things were wrapping up and it looked as though we would escape the day without incident a *supporter* has to ruin things by getting an attitude with Dana, calling her and her husband ignorant; the supporter then steps back on Dana's' foot, shoves her with her plentiful rear-end and finishes by calling the cops. However, it is clear the Officer sees we are not causing any problem and just asks us to stay away from the troublemakers-which we are happy to do:

Dana has a great post on the day-with some video I didn't get here.

GatewayPundit gives a run-down of events at the McCaskill office on Delmar here.

SharpElbows does his awesomeness here on the turn-out at Carnahan's office in Crystal City. (and I think Sharp needs to put his speech up-it was great!)

24th State has an excellent summary here as well as some advice on action that must now be taken.

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