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Friday, September 4, 2009

Absolutely Outrageous and Unforgivable

I have never in all my life seen ANYTHING more disgusting done by a union (hat tip Michelle Malkin)

Organized Labor Recruits In-Home Caregivers

Kathy Keith has cared for a son with Down syndrome for 23 years and never dreamed that one day organized labor would consider her a prime candidate for a union card.

So she was skeptical when representatives from two of the nation's largest unions began competing for her attention over the last few weeks with unannounced visits to her home, mailings and phone messages promising to fatten her state stipend.

The Bartlett resident is among about 3,000 people who receive state funding to assist someone at home with a developmental disability. As a result of an executive order signed by Gov. Pat Quinn in June that allows collective bargaining by "individual providers of home-based support services," unions are now trying to sign them up in an unusual effort to boost membership.

The move has left some care providers angry and confused. Many are mothers, fathers or close relatives who are caring for loved ones, advocates say.

"Are you saying I can go on strike and not wipe my son's rear end?" Keith said, questioning if union membership would pit her interests against her son's.

Soon, she and others expect to receive ballots by mail that ask them to join the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) or the Service Employees International Union(SEIU). Or they may vote against representation.

An election date has not been scheduled, but union officials say they have met the
requirement for a minimum level of interest and are awaiting state approval.

Caregivers who vote against joining a union or don't vote at all would get to choose whether to become members if SEIU or AFSCME receives the most votes, but even if they decline to join, they will have to pay "fair share" dues, according to union representatives.

Go read the rest of the story if you can stand it.

These unions are disgusting bottom feeders. Everyone else should sacrificed because union leaders can't do what they are paid to do-namely TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN MEMBERS! THAT'S WHY THEY PAY F*CKING PAY DUES!

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