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Monday, September 7, 2009

Death Panels? I Wish.

Un-frickin'-believable. There are so many disturbing things contained within the "chat" between Gail Collins and David Brooks, I just don't know where to start.

Gail starts out with the complete falsehood that the current system is a disaster.

Right now the question is health care reform, and even though our current system
is a terrible mess, the easiest thing to do is nothing.
Look people, I know there are issues. I know we need to fix some stuff, but this continuous claim of "terrible mess" is just FALSE and I'm sick to death of hearing it. When 90% of folks are insured and of them 84% are very satisfied with their cover-a crisis that does not make.

Gail then goes on to blame Republicans for the current state of negotiations on the health care debate.

That’s particularly true since we’re talking about Congress here. The question is not whether Obama will get an imperfect, compromised bill or a clean, tidy one. It’s whether he gets any bill at all.

In part that’s because the Republicans have been both totally useless and extremely canny. They’ve been demanding that the Democrats negotiate, and then wrecking the negotiations. They scare people about the potential cost, and then screech about “rationing.” If the Democrats try to make sure no one loses anything under reform, the Republicans say they’re bankrupting the country. If they try to put in some cost constraints, the Republicans tell senior citizens that they’re not going to get hip replacements. Or blood transfusions. Or flu shots.

It's so funny to me Democrats continue to go down this road. I hate to break the news to her, but at this point I think the only people who believe what the MSM says, are other members of MSM.......oh and President Obama. Republicans have offered several alternatives to the current plan-here (PDF) and here (PDF) are just a start. In addition, it is not scare tactics to tell people if this behemoth passes there will be rationing and in fact David Brooks is for Death Panels. QUOTE:
Some Republicans say the Democratic bills would create death panels. I wish. I’m pro-death panel. We spend so much money on end of life care we have to have some
way of talking about it.
Dr. Emanuel and David Brooks admit they are for curbing end-of-life care. These are not witch hunt statements or statements I pulled out of thin air-they say these things right to your face. They do not deny they believe in government panels (who are not you or your doctor) should arbitrarily decide appropriate treatments for all conditions and diseases based on age and costs, with no other consideration. It also means if you are of a certain age in the UK, your death will be harried along by withholding food and water-even when you might be getting better.

Gail finishes with some crazy, lunatic notion the democratic process, established by our founders, is a silly waste of time:
Personally, I think the only things that should require 60 votes are the ones that can’t be repealed, rolled back or modified later — like Supreme Court nominees. But the bottom line is that if the Senate Republicans are not seriously negotiating in good faith, it’s crazy to say they deserve a veto.
Can you hear the screaming and head explosions if a Republican had made such an assinine statement? If this isn't lunatic fringe speak, I wouldn't know what is. Frankly, this just makes her sound drunk with the power of a Democrat majority.

Alas, she laments if Democrats use reconciliation and get this crap pushed through, they will be forever blamed whenever anything goes wrong. Um, yes actually, they will be blamed, as they should be if they push for something the majority of the American people do not want in it's current form.

I do worry that the Democrats will somehow screw this reconciliation thing up. And also that if health care passes, it will hurt Obama — not because the public resents the fact that he pushed it through with only Democratic votes, but because change is scary. Some people will have to do things they don’t want to do. Young people will have to pay for health insurance policies and a lot of businesses will have to provide new employee benefits. Also, I’m sure that if reform passes, all the 12 billion things that go wrong in our current health care system every day would in the future be blamed on the Democratic party.

Oh please, cry me a river. This, from someone who supports an administration crying about the mess they were left with nearly everyday on national T.V. Democrats should be blamed when costs continue to rise, illegals get coverage but don't pay in, federal funds pay for abortions and our entire economy goes into the tank under the burden of private insurers being run out out of business because of the public option and the strain on our system.

David Brooks might be in favor of death panels, but he does think the lowly American Voter deserves at least the slightest consideration in making decisions for the country.
The public isn’t always right, but the majority views are at least worth taking seriously. Especially if you want to win elections.
Oh how generous of Mr. Brooks. I mean really, since this is a Republic it is kind and thoughtful of him to let the "great unwashed" have an opinion and maybe a say so in how the elite electorate drive us off in to a ditch.

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