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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hey John Harwood-Kiss My Ass

I have about had it with this Administration and the people who want to raise them up on high. As a parent, I am the arbiter of what my children see and hear, as is every other parent in this country.

Not only did the Secretary of Education say parents with concerns were "silly"

To which (as I'm sure you know) I more or less responded with "Err, whatever. They just can't stop calling us names can they."

Now the mainstream media joined in the name-calling fun and are so sad President Obama (who is on T.V. every other day) just can't get a word in edge-wise on anything. It is certainly clear that the MSM isn't carrying his water for him; everyone is sooo unfair. Oh and it's all Bush's fault.

The kicker so far today? John Harwood seems to feel he is more qualified to raise the children of parents who object to the Obama speech than those parents are. Those parents aren't smart enough....oh and are also racist.

JOHN HARWOOD: In this case you've got a lot of people who are truly agitated about [the president's school speech] and I think partly that's the polarization continuing over time. And partly it's simply because Barack Obama is a different kind of president: first African-American, international elements of his background. But I gotta tell you, Amy [Robach], as somebody who's covered Washington for a long time, this is one of the most ridiculous controversies I've ever seen. So far as I can tell, the biggest danger to kids in this whole thing is that a lot of the parents complaining aren't smart enough to raise them very effectively. Because if you think that a president coming into your school, kids school, and saying work hard and stay in school is a danger to kids, you've got some problems.

Lest we forget the controversy surrounding President Bush 41 speaking to school kids in 1991. You remember, Dick Gebhart threw a complete bitch-fit and members of the legislature demanded to know what funds were used to pay for that speech. What a bunch of idiots those guys were. Why do they continue to let the truly stupid have kids? /snark

So John Harwood, listen very closely, you elitist pig-(It's my turn at name calling)
I do NOT care what color the President is. YOU, my friend are the clear and unabashed racists because you cannot stop talking about race.
Also, I am clearly of more intelligence than you. I care about what my kids are doing and seeing and are exposed to. Unlike you, (apparently) I do not take everything said to me at face value. I research information when I can find it. I vet it for what the truth is and when it sounds "fishy" then it probably is. The speech was never the issue for most parents, (mainly because you couldn't find the text of the speech anywhere when it was first announced) it was the clearly adoring and subservient message of the original follow up assignments that were released.

I wonder how you would have felt if your kids had been asked to do participate in those same assignments on President(s) Bush?

Hey John Harwood-KISS MY ASS.


  1. Go Michelle!! You've taken all the words right out of my mouth so I'll just offer up one more ass for Harwood to kiss and thank you with praise!

  2. Every time Harwood starts talking about Obama, he needs to get a room. The love is overwhelming. GE has muzzled the Santelli's on CNBC but are quite happy to trot Harwood and his love machine out several times a day.