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Monday, September 21, 2009

Kids Pimping the Presidents Policies

Once more, our illustrious Administration has decided to bypass parents and schools to push their own agenda and educate the young people in this country as they see fit. This time there will be no speech, but I would venture to guess there will be educational materials. Starting in few weeks the EPA will partner with Boys and Girls Clubs of America and PTO Today to launch a multi-city tour called "Change the World, Start with Energy Star”. The goal? To push the "Green" Agenda-
".....will engage young people in energy efficiency service projects in their communities and encourage Americans to take the Energy Star Pledge to make energy-efficient choices at home, at work and in their communities."
Which sounds so nice...until you consider that this is just another way to push Cap and Trade again. But this time they're going through the youngsters.
"Kids from BGCA in 60 locations are conducting energy check-ups at homes and in their communities and educating their peers and families about energy efficiency."
I guess this means kids will be walking around neighborhoods, knocking on doors pimping the Presidents policies now. How nice.
"As part of the fall campaign, Americans are encouraged to take the Energy Star Pledge, challenging all of us to help fight climate change by making energy-efficient choices at home, at work and in our communities."
Keep in mind, one part of the Energy Star Pledge involves using those totally awesome, mercury filled light-bulbs. The ones you can't just throw in the trash and of you break, expect to spends thousands cleaning up. Definitely better. The rest of the pledge? Oh, it's all about spending money. Buy this, buy that. As a grown adult I am getting sick and tired of being told what to buy and when to buy it by my government. Cash for Clunkers, Healthcare, Cap and Trade, new Credit Rules and Regulations. Ridiculous. Doesn't it seem if we are truly pitching environmental responsibility we would mention things like combining car trips to save fuel, turning off lights in empty rooms, buying items made with recycled materials, not throwing trash out on the roads-you know, things that are actually about caring for the globe.

But, as you know Cap and Trade, and the new "Green" agenda has little to do with anything related to the environment.
"Asked if he expected a town-hall style push back, Dr. Chu said he was optimistic the public would buy the administration’s arguments that energy efficiency and caps on greenhouse-gas emissions will spark an economic rebound."
Ahh, now there's the money shot-Dr. Chu might be shocked to learn that not all of us by his cost savings, job creating B.S. any more than we bought it when Pelosi was trying to sell it. Oops, did he forget to mention how clean the planet will be? No. It won't be any cleaner, we will just be strapped with higher energy bills and the same carbon emissions.

Nearly everyone agrees we should be good stewards of the earth. To this honorable end,many things can be done to keep our world clean. We should be pursuing alternative fuel sources. We should always be looking for ways to care for and clean the earth. However, there is mounting evidence all the time that "Climate Change" is pure bunk. There have been no less than 4 other times in our history the government has pushed some sort of warming or cooling hysteria. Most recent models and data show we are in fact in a cooling period. In addition, if you go back further than 100 years, you know during the time of the dinosaurs, it is well documented the earth was much warmer than it is today. Blame dinosaurs passing gas and cavemen driving around in SUV's, using aerosol hairspray.

As they say-follow the money. Any plan that does nothing to lower greenhouse gases, but only profit-rapes the American people is not a bill that addresses actually being caretakers of the environment. Cap and Trade only causes prices to rise-which will be passed on to the American people-it absolutely does nothing to lower carbon emissions. If the carbon emissions aren't lowered, how is it an environmental game changer?

Our current Administration has to stop using the bully-pulpit of education to push their agenda on the kids and in the round-about, their parents. A curriculum designed around junk science-bent, then broken to prove a flawed hypothesis-which by design will only drive huge profits to the derivatives market, Wall Street and mega-corporations, is not education. It is simply another way to market Cap and Trade to those too young to defend themselves and hope it gets pushed on parents too busy or unwilling to educate themselves.

(H/T The PO'ed Patriot)

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