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Saturday, September 12, 2009

LIVE from Quincy, IL

I will be liveblogging the Quincy Tea Party 9/12 Event Today starting around 12:30pm and going off and on until around 3pm CST. I am going to put up a livestream here as well, but I have no idea what my connection options are going to be. Have a great 9/12 event whereever you are!

9/11-We arrived about 8:30pm local time. There were already several folks here and shortly after we got here the rest of the crew arrived.
My husband I and I spent the evening chatting and having a beer with InstaPundit, GatewayPundit, Dana Loesch, Andrew Breitbart and many more. It is such a good time to finally meet so many that I have conversed with and or admired for a long time. A few people who follow this blog have let me know-which just totally make it worth it!
More Later.

Live Video streaming by Ustream

Darin from RebootCongress.com gets GatewayPundit's (Jim Hoft)speech.

(I had to leave early-I'm sooo thankful Darin got this.)

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