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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Liveblog of Presidential Speech on Healthcare

Getting all set for the liveblog of the Presidential Address on Health Care.

7:10 They are all crowding through the door right now :) Make room people-they gotta get thru.

7:15 All the chicks are wearing red. What's up with that? It looks good, but it is kind of strange to see.

7:20 Having a little pre-game talk amongst ourselves.
Tort Reform? How will this be paid for? how do you jam however many millions more into a system without additional money?

7:20 Bill Clinton spoke without notes? Not only is that balls-y, but was it smart? We can be sure this Pres will have notes.

7:22 Is the Pres using too much political capital on HC reform? Likely he is. There is a good chance it will be damaging no matter which way he goes.

7:25 Goes into the how bad things were last time he spoke. States full recovery many months away. What was the hurry with the stimulus then? Just sayin'.

7:26 States we have pulled economy back from the brink? Err, not so much. Still losing jobs, still can't get credit, still having foreclosures....back from the brink? Unemployment highest in 26 years.

7:28 Keeps throwing out the strawman, there are soooo many folks one illness away from losing everything. This is just not the case. There are some, but not the crisis he makes it out to be.

7:29 We are the only developed nation without nationalized HC because it is NOT a good system. France (going bankrupt, check) Canada (Long waits and rationing, check) Britain (denying cancer drugs and treatment, check)

7:30 He is going to lay out two or three sad stories for us now. This is the exception, not the rule. Stop with the B.S.

7:31 Mis-states another HC statistic again. We have a much better track record for survivability.
7:32 Has he seen the fines Congress is proposing right now?

7:32 Our HC problem is NOT our deficit problem. To state otherwise is FALSE.

7:32 States "Build on what works and fix what doesn't." I couldn't agree more, the problem is we can't agree on what is actually broken.

7:35 Sites both ends of the political spectrum as making too great a change. Agreed.

7:35 States we don't need a complete take over of the system. I hope he is not proposing the "trigger" option. Trigger is not better.

7:35 Townhalls using scare tactics? Screw you. We've had no time for debate. Pelosi wanted to jam this thing thru with no talking. We expressed our opinion, that is all.

7:37 Nothing changes the coverage-(until they put everyone else out of business.)

7:38 Can't deny for pre-existing condition and that is ok-but remember you pay more for car insurance if you have wrecks.

7:39 How is he paying for all of this?
We will take off coverage caps? And how do we do this while containing costs? We will lift caps so insurers have to pay thru the nose, but then penalize them for their salaries and profits. Really. That's an interesting position to take.

7:41 Time to give every American every opportunity. (Then leave us alone and let us manage our own care.)

7:43 He believes we all agree with what he has thus far outlined. Hmm, I don't remember that phone call.
Oh there it is-the "misinformation" plug. That's us, just spreading lies.
"Abortion will not be covered." Abortion MUST be specifically not covered or it is. Check with your own Supreme Court.
No Death Panels? Well, that ain't workin' out so well in EVERY OTHER COUNTRY that has this.
7:50 The Not-for-Profit will be totally government funded and will never go out of business.
Survives on premiums and never eats up government money. (Like the Post Office? They just keep throwing money at it to keep it alive regardless of profitability.)

7:52 He wants to address legitimate concerns? That would be great. The problem is *he* decides what is a legitimate concern.

7:53 The money shot-how do we pay? He won't sign if there is one dime added to the deficit? Excellent-but what will we sacrifice to make it deficit neutral?

7:57 Spreading "lies and mis-information" That's right....again we are spreading scary stories of things that are actually happening in other countries that do this. I wish my President would stop calling me a lia on national T.V.
Going to charge Insurance companies for their best policies? (That cost will be passed on to consumers.)

8:02 Open to discussion? This plan incorporates little from the conservatives. He arbitrarily decides what is worth discussing.

8:03 So he will call us out if we have actually read the bills and have opinions about it.
Annnd there is the Kennedy card. Let Ted Kennedy rest would ya'. Leave him in peace.

8:05 Healthcare IS NOT a moral issue.
The unique thing about America is our self-reliance-which is NOT what is being proposed for HC.

8:06 This from a man who's own campaign/organizing arm called us domestic terrorists and compared us to Bin Ladens family members on 9/11 organizing emails because we expressed dissent.

So to wrap it up-
Shut up, sit down, the government knows what they are doing. They will decide what is best, then you will take it. You will pay for it. You will die from it. That's all."

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