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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Metal Babe and the Mohawk

I am so excited to announce a new partnership with Fingers Malloy and his most excellent RFC Radio show "The Snark Factor". We are introducing a round-table type segment-that will likely run off the rails every time-aptly named Metal Babe and the Mohawk. This will be a fantastic pairing; you won't want to miss it! Fingers and I developed quite a rapport at the Smart Girl Summit 2009 and we have decided to bring our combined, unstoppable awesomeness to the airwaves twice a week.

We will tackle all the tough issues of the day. It will be a winning meld of the vim & vigor of Face Punch Wednesday combined with Fingers' unique way of telling it like it is. We will also talk Smart Girl Politics news and pop culture-plus of course the metal and what-not's. Seriously, this will be a segment with something for everyone. Join us!!

Join us every Tuesday and Friday starting at 5pm EDT!

P.S. If you love Face Punch Wednesday, you should send Fingers a thank-you email. I am bringing it back…stay tuned AND LISTEN!

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