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Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Most Uninformed President Ever?

I am starting to see a trend here...

Obama had no knowledge of Reverend Wright.
He was unfamiliar with William Ares past.
They didn't know what the actual state of the economy was.
Pelosi didn't know about Water boarding, except when she did.
Obama is "unfamiliar" with what is in the House version of the Healthcare Bill.
The Administration didn't know Van Jones was a communist, "Truther".
They didn't know about the planned 9/12 March on Washington.
He doesn't know (or more correctly-doesn't pay attention to or care about)
what is going on with the ACORN expose' and the subsequent investigation.

I have no doubt there are hundreds of other examples that might be used here, but the point is this: When this Administration or anyone in it gets caught in a situation that is not comfortable or won't fly with the American public, they apparently go stupid and forget everything prior to the previous 5 minutes. Or they weren't there that day. Or they never had that conversation.

Please stop treating the entire population as though we are dumb. If you are so blind as to not see anything going on around you or so arrogant to think that we believe it , then I have no use for you. If you are really so clueless, you are incapable of performing your duty.

If another attack occurs on this country, even many on the left would not forgive you for never having heard that or not being there that day.

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