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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oh no, not even the pain pill Grandma.

More good news, along with something to look forward to when the government runs health care for all of us-
From Beverly Gunn at American Thinker:
I was armed with a wad of prescriptions that needed to be filled before we reached home late one Saturday. Since mother's pharmacy was located in a Wal-Mart, I left the scripts with capable pharmacists and shopped awhile. Returning to pick up her medicines the pharmacist called me to come over and discuss the different medications and their uses and required knowledge. Then he paused and said, "Now, I need to tell you that your mother's pain medication will have to be purchased by you, as Medicare will not pay for these, as your mother is too old."
Thinking I heard the man wrong, I asked him, "Did I hear you correctly? Did I hear you say my mother is too old for pain medication following surgery?"
The druggist, smiling, repeated his previous comment, reiterating that Medicare, at least in his district, refuses to pay for pain medication for seniors, even following surgery.
Seriously-go read the whole thing.
So, apparently they won't be giving Grandma the pain pill-whether she has the surgery or not.

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