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Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Quick Quincy 9/12 Event Wrap

Americana. The true spirit of the heartland. Cookies decorated with the flag.
I don't know whats going on, but those crazy red-neck, racist, right-wing, domestic terrorists might want to take it down a notch. Flag cookies are just too much.

Quincy Tea Party threw quite a shin-dig this weekend and I was honored to attend wearing my media hat. I livestreamed the event (as usual) for the first 2 1/2 hours. I would have done the whole thing but we had to leave early due to a prior commitment. (BTW, THANKS to the entire Quincy crew! You guys did such and awesome job of welcoming us and taking care of us while we were there. It was a fantastic experience. Quincy Dave, Chip and all the rest of the folks who got us what, where and when we needed to be-I thank you from the bottom of my heart. THANK YOU!)

3,000 patriots joined together, standing up to big government and big spending. Every speech held some gem in moving forward. Every speaker inspired us to keep trooping, never give up and to continue to make a difference.
We are told the MSM is dead and it is because of people like us that it is happening.
We are told this is a new revolution and revolutions can't be won alone.
We are told passion for our country and fellow man are not racist, even when we disagree with the President.
We are told that sitting down and shutting up are no longer an option. We must stick together to beat this thing.......and then the next thing......and then the next. They will never give up, so neither can we.
We have to fight for our small businesses.
We have to fight for our children.
We have to fight for our future.
We have to fight so we don't drown in debt and enslave future generations to government.
We have to fight until we can't fight any more. Then we have to get up and fight again.
They are relentless.
But we are strong. And bullheaded. Oh....so bullheaded.

We will stand with our friends and our neighbors.
We will not be afraid.

If the President will call out the liars, then so will we.
We will not back down.

I could never have imagined this last November when I participated in my first round of protesting against the government-as a Project Servant Leader of an online RINO campaign.
I could have never imagined standing with 1,500 on a cold, gray February day.
.......or 10,000 on an April night.
.......or 5,000 on a steamy July 4th afternoon.
We are seeing the fruits of our labors. This is why we continue to come out. This is why our numbers grow.
Obamacare has not passed.
Van Jones, forced out two-weeks ago.
ACORN, fired from the Census last week, exposed for the whore-mongering liars and cheats that they are.
The MSM is irrelevant because they have made themselves that way. They turn a blind eye and a willfully apathetic heart to the corruption and outright abuses that are happening all around us. We don't need them any more. We have each other and we are powerful together.

We have just started. We are many and we are not afraid.