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Monday, September 28, 2009

Yay! More Fun Announcements!

I am pleased to announce I will be attending the Defending the American Dream Summit in Washington D.C this Friday and Saturday as a blogger! It is an excellent opportunity and I am proud to have Americans for Prosperity as a sponsor. I know it will be informative and a great chance for me to score cool interviews for this blog and my new sweet spot as a co-host for the segment "Metal Babe and the Mohawk" on the totally awesome "The Snark Factor" (which I blogged about two days in a row, which is "da bomb" and funny and very smart-so why are you here reading this when you could be here listening!!!)
Keep your eyes peeled over the weekend-I have no doubt I will be doing some live blogging off and on and of course if I score something that CAN'T wait I will probably, put it up ASAP!

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