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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Anderson Cooper wants the school to raise your kids

Anderson Cooper thinks the way to end the horrific and growing problem of youth violence is to surrender your children to the school system and let them handle raising them.
From the streets of Chicago – where children watched and an adult taped a child be beaten to death – to Richmond High School where children watched a child's innocence ripped from her soul, we have seen what happens when children lose respect for life.

This is the direct result of kids feeling unraised and unloved. It is also the result of kids growing up without adult structure and high expectations. Communities can become Lord of the Flies environments in which the kids make adult decisions and they decide wrong every single time.

We have got to answer the question, "How much do we love our kids?"

The answer must be enough to create smaller, loving schools with longer school days and years. These schools are structured and driven by high expectations.
Keeping these kids in school longer to be raised and supervised by the state is not the answer to our violent youth problem. It only serves as a perfect example of the lefts desire to take no responsibility for anything-thrashing parental rights and responsibility and giving it to the school. It is easier to pawn these kids off to people who don't love them, having them become reliant and dependent on a bad system right out of the crib. It is another fallacy, wrapped in an illusion.

There is a clear relationship to the lefts assault on values, morality, responsibility, the family and religion, to the decline of not only youth, but all of society in this country. Since the rise of secularism, youth violence, poverty, and decimation of family have fostered and nurtured an environment where people care less about each other and are concerned only with "me". The belief that community no longer matters and the encouragement to be offended anything that doesn't suit us, have led to more separation, not less. Individuals are no longer able to see value in that which exists outside their own selves. Respect is a lost art. By being intolerant of absolutely everything that this country was founded on, the left have left us awash in a sea of intolerance, ignorance, irresponsibility and without empathy. The fact is, if schools raising our kids was going to stop youth violence, then the great desegregation experiment would have been a grand-slam home-run in reducing violence and uplifting the less fortunate. It wasn't. By allowing the state to have greater influence over the youth, we only further the left agenda through our children-and those are not ideas I want youth believing in.

What we need in this country is a return to values, family, belief (in God or not, but in SOMETHING beyond yourself) and most of all, a return to personal responsibility. Less government interference with less entitlement is the answer. When you foster value in ones self, the desire to be better comes naturally.

Building more schools and requiring longer hours will not stop youth violence. Indeed the question is "How much do we love our kids?" Do we love them enough to bring back responsibility? Do we love them enough to actually hold society, parents and indeed, even the children themselves accountable when they choose the wrong path? Do we love them enough to stop fostering dependence and apathy through a system that does nothing to help them become better people, but only encourages them to do nothing?

How much do we love our children?

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