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Monday, October 12, 2009

Another right bites the dust....

Well, your rights haven't quite been shit-canned yet, but their working on it. It looks as though the Obama Administration is bound and determined to let the leftist-loon, tree huggers decimate the future of not only fishing for-profit, but also fishing for fun. They will accomplish this task by adopting a 1982 United Nations Convention on the "Law of the Sea” - a 300-page treaty the U.S. never ratified.

A recently published administration document outlines a structure that could result in closures of sport fishing in salt and freshwater areas across America. The White House created an Interagency Oceans Policy Task Force in June and gave them only 90 days to develop a comprehensive federal policy for all U.S. coastal, ocean and Great Lakes waters. Under the guise of ‘protecting’ these areas, the current second phase of the Task Force direction is to develop zoning which may permanently close vast areas of fishing waters nationwide. This is to be completed by December 9, 2009.

Dave Pfeiffer, President of Shimano American Corporation explained, “In spite of extensive submissions from the recreational fishing community to the Task Force in person and in writing, they failed to include any mention of the over one million jobs or the 6o million anglers which may be affected by the new policies coast to coast. Input from the environmental groups who want to put us off the water was adopted into the report verbatim – the key points we submitted as an industry were ignored.”

Never mind the recreational aspects of this fine American pastime, what about conservation efforts which anglers have led for over 50 years in every state. There is no rival to protecting our waters, but the people who use them.

“The Task Force did not make any distinction between the dramatic differences between harmful commercial fishing harvest methods and recreational fishing, even though we spelled it out for them in detail,” added Morlock.
So forget the 60,000,000 anglers out there and the 1 million folks eeking out a living by fishing. It's a disgrace how people are being pushed aside for bad environmental policy. And please, don't kid yourself, this is one step away from where they are going with gun rights and hunting. Pay attention folks-the enviros are having their heyday and they are going to take every freedom with it they can.

I probably can't sum it up any better than this, so I won't even try:

“This significant change in U.S. policy direction is the result of a 90-day fire drill process as ordered by the President that, not surprisingly, lacks balance, clarity and quality in the end product,” said Morlock. “People who simply want to take their kids fishing on public waters deserve better from their government,” he added.

(h/t Gatewaypundit)


  1. Perhaps we will just continue to fish anyway. Screw 'em. We'll fish in gangs, roaming the nations waterways with an eye towards breaking the law, tossing a line where we damned well please. Mothers, hide your children, the Bubbas are coming to town and we mean business. I guess next they'll try to tell us we can't hunt. Of course, hunting does involve firearms.

  2. The work of the Oceans Policy Task Force isn't come out of the blue - The 90 day process for the interim report builds on the three year, highly vetted and publicly reviewed work of the US Commission on Ocean's Policy that was conducted during the Bush Administration and chaired by a Bush appointee. With the 2004 recommendations in place for 5 years, and with the extensive regional meetings conducted by the leaders of the ocean policy task force, there have been lots efforts at public outreach and many opportunities to influence policy.

    Drawing extreme scenarios (i.e. can't take the kids fishing) is a great way to scare people but not a way to be taken seriously by policy makers. You should go back to the Report of the US Commission on Ocean Policy to start to catch up on the issues and problems the ocean policy task force is addressing.

    To say that sport fishing rights will be affected by joining the LOS Convention is foolish and uninformed. President Reagan adopted a 200 nautical mile exclusive economic zone under which the federal government, in conjunction with regional fishery management groups, manages the use of coastal fisheries. Joining the LOS Convention won't affect this one iota. That authority has been in federal hands since Reagan's 1983 proclamation and won't be affected by joining the Convention.