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Monday, October 19, 2009

Are monkeys in charge of the GOP?

In a not so stunning move last week the RNC, NRCC and Newt Gingrich have backed a not-conservative-at-all candidate in an off-year election for the NY23 Congressional seat. Rather than backing and financing an actual conservative candidate-Doug Hoffman-the GOP decided it better to back a tax and spend, abortion supporting, ACORN loving, union thug supporter, Dede Scozzafava.

To further insult and infuriate the conservative grassroots movement on the ground, Gingrich pretends this choice is in the best interest of the party.
“The special election for the 23rd Congressional District is an important test leading up to the mid-term 2010 elections,” Gingrich said in a statement to supporters. “Our best chance to put responsible and principled leaders in Washington starts here, with Dede Scozzafava.”
I was unaware killing babies, voting for high spending, more taxes and all things Olympia Snowe were what the Conservatives were looking for to unite them. As a conservative I can assure you Mr. Gingrich-this is not the case. What has divided this party is the GOP trying become Democrat lite. It never works and you guys better learn that-fast.

As my friend Dana points out: the GOP's worst enemy are Republicans.

From WCPAC dismissing and demeaning bloggers and new media to this disgusting backing of another Snowe/Collins/Specter-conservatives are screaming and the GOP isn't listening. Well, I tell you, they had better sit up and take notice. The MSM has rendered themselves impotent by constantly heralding Obama and his Administration up on high no matter what they say or do. With candidates like this, the GOP isn't far behind.

That's alright. We are taking control of our own destiny. Previously unknown candidates all over the country are getting private donations by the bucketful. If the GOP will not listen to grassroots, we will continue to put push you further into the irrelevant column.

Stop telling us to sit down and shut up. Stop telling us to tow the party line. If you think we will continue to vote for the candidates you give us-when you give us crap like this-you can think again. Never forget GOP-we don't need you, you need us and we are pissed.

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