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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bloggin' for the Defending the American Dream Summit

Well, kids I have started my adventure on my first trip to D.C. While I am not at all a fan of flying, I am a fan going to Washington D.C. I have never been there and am looking forward to this next adventure, in what has really been a series of cool adventures for me.

When AFP first put out the call that they may have space for bloggers who wanted to go to the DAD09 Summit-I jumped at the chance! Why not? Going to an event of this magnitude, with this caliber of speakers is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I know, I could certainly go anytime as an attendee, taking advantage of the cool training that is being offered (and I will!), but to be stationed on Blogger's Row with the chance to interview the likes of Newt Gingrich or Senator Jim DeMint-that's a dream come true.

Like so many things that have happened to me over the last several months, this is just one more that I cannot quite believe is real. Working with Smart Girl Politics as the Director of Technology and the success of Smart Girl Summit. Our local Tea Party group and the unbelievable impact we seem to have around the country. A chance to co-host a most awesome segment running on RFC Radio on The Snark Factor with Fingers Malloy-Metal Babe and the Mohawk. I just can't believe where life is taking me.

I often wake up wondering how I got here and where I'm going. I wonder what this time in politics and rhetoric will look like in 20 or 50 years. Will we have made a difference? Will America still look the same? Will our children have the same opportunities we had? When I think it might not, I want to scream. When I feel we really are making a difference, it swells my heart. To defend the American dream is why I do this. It's why I volunteer hours upon hours to any group that needs me. It's why I sacrifice time with family. It's why I started doing this from the very first day. I am the American dream and I won't let anyone take that away from me and more importanly, from my daughters. They are why I fight.....

As I sit here waiting to board the plane, taking the next step in my American Dream, I know what I am doing is right. I know what I am doing is just. I know what I am doing matters. And for me-that's enough.

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