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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Defending the American Dream-Day 2

Today will start with a whirlwind of speeches. On tap:
Newt Gingrich, Senator Jim DeMint, Larry Kudlow, Hugh Hewitt, Stephen Moore, John Fund, Herman Cain, Ed Morrisy, Tracy Walsh, David Koch, Tim Phililips and Phil Kerpen.

Jim DeMint Government is the problem. It's freedom that works in America. Its the only hope we need. The Healthcare bill would have passed in July if not for the activists. We're outnumbered in House, Senate and WH, but we're not outnumbered across America. The heart and soul of this country is at stake.
Jim DeMint announces new website http://www.senateconservatives.com/ at

Herman Cain One thing we must do we must save the savable. How do we differentiate? S=if they shift the subject, you're off to a bad start. I=They ignore the facts. N= Name call
Never give up on us taking back the country. I believe this is the greatest country in the world, but we cant let it go. It's up to us to keep it that way.
I found out I’m racist. Maybe I missed something. Maybe what they’re trying to say is I have a perfect tan. We are crazy about liberty, we are crazy about freedom, and we’re crazy about the United States of America. That’s what we’re crazy about. We’ll show you some crazy; all these crazy people are going to show up at the polls.
When they start calling you names, the argument is over. I'm gonna show you some crazy. We are crazy about freedom, we are crazy about liberty-that's what we're crazy about. Wait until November 2010. The crazy people will come to the polls and VOTE.

Dallas Woodhouse He and his brother (Brad Woodhouse, White House Communications Director) are opposite ends of the spectrum. You are stronger than Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid. You make the difference. With you we can stop them because we are right and they are wrong.

Hugh Hewitt Reflecting on his start in politics. Things change in a hurry. You should always be engaged. Minimize the damage the liberals want to do to healthcare. Seniors are worried about the Medicare cuts-as they should be. Educate people on our broken economy. Bad lawsuits are killing our economy. Lawyers are getting richer and it is crushing innovation in America. Credential young people. Take them under your wing and teach them about politics and values. This is the way to bring up the next generation. When Israel strikes Iran, we must stand with Israel. If this happens there will be a course of hate unleashed against us by the media and we must turn out against it. Israel is our ally.

Ed Morrissey Talking taxes. Our tax code undermines prosperity and innovation. We need a tax code overhaul. Last year 250B spent on tax return preparations. This is ridiculous. No one can comply with the laws. Congress wants to allow deductions for Pet Expenses-HAPPY Act. Just one more level of bureaucracy to the tax. Compliance is a nightmare. And why all these complexities? The tax code allows congress to do social engineering and force us into behaviors they want. They will not change the tax code. They want to control our behavior. It also allows them to pick winners and losers in society. They have far too much power with this system.

John Fund We are the new patriots. Liberals don't want to debate the issues. They want to name call and distract. 65% of the American people are part of the "vast right wing conspiracy" The Libs don't want anyone to read the bill. They are pushing the crisis angle to pass this bill. Why do we have to pass this in the next 4 weeks, when we have has this "crisis" for 40 years? Never again should we have legislation the size of telephone bills. We loose when republicans forget their values and when Liberals campaign as moderates. Clinton campaigned as a moderate-that's how he got elected. After the decimation of 1993 the Dems stopped passing all the liberal legislation-were frozen-then we got "The Contract with America" Make this the new 1993 right here right now.

Tracy Walsh Was never politically active until now. Sent her story into AFP because she was tired of yelling at the TV. Was time to take action. Relates her breast cancer story. Believes she would have never received the treatment she needed or in time under the current system being proposed.

After lunch we will be back to the training track. I know it will be excellent-it was yesterday. I will probably run the blog the exact same way as yesterday. As always, you can also follow updates on Twitter @Michelle_Moore

Grassroots Training
What do you need to do to start your own organization?
What has worked for others.
Bigger cities have a lot more rules and regulations/insurance/permits

Right OnLine
People are looking around and saying what's going on here? The media isn't reporting the whole story. Now with new media-we are breaking stories and the truth is coming out to the general population more and more everyday. MSM only wants to report what they see as sensational and what appeals to the liberal base.
DC 9/12 March-The MSM reports are inaccurate or non-existent.
How do we counter media bias?
Use Twitter and Facebook to reach a larger audience. We connect across the Internet and influence others.
Elect yourself to be your papers ombudsman. Keep a watch on your local paper-start putting out an honest critique of them. If your honest they will listen.
Find trends of bias over time. It has more impact.
Be informed and involved in govnt
The worst offenders will abuse all powers of govnt to cover up their crimes.
Don't make silly mistakes if your going to be an investigative reporter-they will come after you with everything they have. If you get close to serious corruption, you will be tested.
It takes a great angle to push an article through the exponential noise out there right now. (Read the ACORN tapes)
Our opponents are masters of deception.
Traditional media participates in cover-ups until the story is too big to ignore.
Check audits. They hold buried nuggets of waste and fraud. If no one uncovers them, people don't know.
Stimulus Funding- We need to be tracking this money.
Government grants to non-profits.

Emerging Issues for 2010
The Death Tax
Andrew Langer:
We are rewarding failure at an unprecedented rate.
We have to look very carefully at regulation. Every little thing gets justified based on it's incremental value. BUT add them all up and it has huge impact.
They are trying to bring us down so we are all vassals of the economy.
We have to get small businesses hiring again. We do that by getting govn't off their backs

Brian Johnson
2.7 million jobs lost since stimulus bill.
Card Check is going to kill small business. Unions in open vote. Mandatory binding arbitration.
Portable pensions
Transparency in pensions

How to influence Legislatures-what works
How are we going to effect change?
Using new media-Use new tools to disseminate local information to local people that you know. Build your network to spread information.
We have to train our politicians to respond to us positively.
We have to make them understand we will come after them-there will be consequences.
By banding with others who also have influence you have a greater impact and it causes politicians to take notice.
You can influence positive thought-think Joe Wilson took a negative situation, caused people to start looking into the actual facts and is now looked at positively.
State clearly in the first sentence what item you are contacting them about and if you are for or against put explanation for after that.
Faxes may work best. They are immediate.
The workers do keep lists of what has come in in calls, letters, and faxes with tallies. Your legislature may never see the the actual contact.

Information Pollination: Integrating Technology to Amplify the Message
We live in a new era.
Peer production-when masses of people collaborate openly to drive innovation and growth.
If you don't use technology right-it will not be effective.
Book recommendation-Wikinomics: "We must collaborate or perish."
Obama did well because he had thousands of voices.
It is false to assume that the connections we are making online are somehow "false" this is no longer the case. We are connecting and making a difference together without ever meeting.
Join groups and get information about the things you are interested in. This is how you begin to get involved and make a difference.
You must begin to use New Media to share your message with others.

Another excellent day of training! So many helpful tips and what a powerful message-Connect, engage, influence!

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