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Monday, October 26, 2009

Dems move to increase federal spending by 12.1% next year.

Unbelievable. Power drunk Democrats are moving to increase federal spending by 12.1% for fiscal year 2010. During the worst economic times is recent memory, Dems are set to increase spending with no reductions or offsets. These increases don't even factor in Medicaid, Medicare, the new Healthcare plans, or Cap and Trade.

House Republicans on the Budget Committee added up the 2009 appropriations, the stimulus funding and 2010 budgets and found that federal agencies will, on average, receive a 57% increase in appropriated funds from 2008-2010. By contrast, real family incomes fell by 3.6% last year. There's no recession in Washington.

More broadly, the White House and the 111th Congress have already enacted or proposed $3.4 trillion of new spending through 2019 for things like the health-care plan, cap and tax, and the children's health bill passed earlier this year. Very little of this has been financed with offsetting spending cuts elsewhere in the budget.

Still insisting there are no new taxes coming?

Something has to give soon and I fear it will be the backs of working class middle America.

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