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Friday, October 23, 2009

Dump Dede Tea Party Presser

UPDATE: St. Louis Tea Party had an impromptu presser today in front of St. Louis City Hall. A handful of Tea Party protesters gave up lunch hours, previous commitments and personal time to show their support for the message-the GOP must sit up and take notice, we will no longer support candidates simply because they have an "R" behind their name. When the Democratic candidate in a race is more conservative than the selected Republican-there is a problem!

St. Louis Tea Party calls for the old school GOP to dump Dede Scozzafava and support the true conservative candidate Doug Hoffman

Dana has some lovely photos and excellent coverage right here.

Darin from RebootCongress has pictures from the event and no doubt video will follow.

UPDATE 2: The Other McCain-R. Stacy McCain goes up to New York and talks to two local voluteers on the Doug Hoffman campaign. They talk about what anormal guy he is-FANTASTIC! That's what we need---> Watch the video and read his post here.

GOP-put up or shut up. St. Louis Tea Party demands GOP support conservative candidates.

Live Videos by Ustream

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  1. How about a big tent? Why not room for social moderates who are small government fiscal conservatives i.e. libertarians.

    In fact why not dump the whole conservative schtick? Why not just call yourselves small government Republicans? It is a bigger tent.