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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

First they help Fox News, now the Chamber of Commerce

I guess the Administration doesn't get it yet. The more they attack people who dare question dear leader, the more they drive people to those organizations or points of view. Fox News rating have gone up 10% since the White House began attacking them.
Now the Chamber of Commerce is enjoying boosted membership.
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is on track to exceed last year's fundraising
by more than $10 million, thanks in part to the Obama administration's decision
to target the pro-business group, according to the organization's president.

President Tom Donohue told Politico.com that even though a few companies have left the chamber over its opposition to President Obama's domestic policies, the
organization is actually benefiting from its place in the White House crosshairs.

"There are some longstanding members that wanted to step up and help more," he told Politico.com. The public friction with the White House comes in the midst of a $100 million fundraising campaign for the chamber.
Do you think the administration will understand this means the majority of people are on the side of opposing them or will they still hang on to the straw man that government run healthcare and Cap and Trade is what we want?

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  1. They don't care what we want. They are going to ram it through under color of law, because they think it will be too hard to unravel later.

    Bill Smith