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Thursday, October 8, 2009

I guess the AP doesn't read the news....

In an astonishing attempt to perpetuate "falsehoods" the AP is now claing that there is a "silent majority" in favor of healthcare legislation. Which is really strange, considering the polls are dropping faster than a mafia muder victum in the east river.
Fired up? Ready to go? You might not know it from the way President Barack
Obama's grass-roots supporters have been largely drowned out in the raucous
debate over his health care plan.
Yes, they're behind him, officials say —volunteering in their communities and contacting lawmakers in Congress. But some Obama organizers are calling their forces a "silent majority," embracing Republican terminology of long ago. And if the final legislation doesn't include a government run plan to compete with private insurers, they may be invisible, too.
Since the latest polling to come out shows 29% favor a public option, it's difficult to find a majority in there. Well, unless you discount roughly 40% of the population-then it's easy to make them the majority.
I wonder if Mr. Sunstein will call them out on their "falsehood"?

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