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Friday, October 9, 2009

I'd throw things at someone over fries....

I know I should condemn this behavior and say they shouldn't be throwing things at McDoanld's employees, but ya' know, sometimes things are just funny-even when they are inappropriate.
Police said a Boston man and woman, upset with getting an order of small french fries instead of large, were charged for throwing money and cones at McDonald's cashiers.
Frankly, if you have ever been in a McDonald's I have to wonder-did they actually get upset because the whole time they were trying to give their order the cashier kept walking away....or was talking to someone else.....or the most egregious offense-talking to someone on their cell phone while trying to take the order?
As someone who works in a service business I know how important it is to show every customer respect and listen to their needs. I have also been to McDonald's. While I realize this is not high on the list of aspirations for a career-keep in mind, I never told you to get a job there, I just want some fries.

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