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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Maybe he could try out for the St. Louis Rams

Are you ready for some football?????

7-year old boy Tackled by While Deer Playing Football
A 7-year-old Ohio boy playing a game of backyard football was tackled by a deer. Brandon Hiles says he encountered the charger — and not the kind from San Diego — when the ball rolled into woods while he was playing with friends Saturday in Wintersville, about 125 miles east of Columbus. The boy says the buck ran at him and flipped him with its horns, leaving bruises and a gash.

A 9-year-old pal, Wyatt Pugh (pyoo), beat the deer with a stick to make it go away.

Wintersville Police Officer Art Fowler Jr. says there were actually two bucks in the area gearing for a fight, and Brandon was attacked when he inadvertently got between them.
Thank God the boy was mostly unhurt-bucks in the wild are nothing to mess with-especially when they're pissed at each other.

However this story begs the question-do you think the buck is available to start next Sunday on the Ram's defensive line?

Hell at this point I'd even take the little boy; clearly he's tough enough.

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