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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nanny State invades your dinner....

More Nanny State coming to a fast food joint near you....
Last night on Larry King folks were debating if hamburgers, and maybe even all meat, should be eliminated from our diets. The offense this time? Ground beef contaminated with E. coli bacteria.

"What happens in hamburger is the E. coli bacteria is in the guts of cows. And during the slaughtering process, those guts are nicked or there's fecal material on the hides. It gets on the red meat," Marler explained to King.

"And when you cook a steak, assuming that steak hasn't been penetrated, you can kill the bacteria that's on the outside of the meat. It's not on the inside of the meat. But when you ground that meat up, that E. coli is in there," he said.

....Two steps are available to eliminate E. coli in the ground beef supply, Boyle said. One is irradiation, which is not widely used. The second is through proper cooking of the product.

So rather than jumping to the most logical conclusion-which is simply to cook meat thoroughly-it is much better to completely eliminate meat in our diets all together?
For another guest, even the promise of contamination-free beef wasn't enough. Dr. Colin Campbell of Cornell University advocates a meat-free diet.

"I think the closer we get to a plant-based diet -- I should say a whole foods
plant-based diet -- the healthier we're going to be for all of us," Campbell
There it is. Dr. Campbell knows better than you. He should have the power to control your diet, because you're an idiot.

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  1. They can pry my cheeseburger from the cold, dead hand that isn't clutching a freshly-emptied pistol.