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Monday, October 12, 2009

So it's Governement, not Insurance that wants to screw you.

It would seem those big bad Insurance giants, who always have only their own self-interests at heart, are now letting the American people in on some facts about the latest incantation of Reid's sweet healthcare bill.
“The overall impact will be to increase the cost of private insurance coverage for individuals, families and businesses above what these costs would be in the absence of reform,” said Karen M. Ignagni, president of the trade association....."

"The report says that the cost of the average family coverage, now $12,300, will rise to $18,400 in 2016 under current law and to $21,300 if the Senate bill is adopted. Likewise, it said, the cost of individual coverage, now $4,600, will average $6,900 in 2016 under current law and $7,900 under the bill."
So, it seems that we the American people can look forward to restricted access to care, higher taxes and higher premiums. Yeah, definitely a good move.

The Dems of course dispute these findings-because they are inconvenient to getting the bill passed. They claim tax credits and cuts to Medicaid, which they claim will lower costs, have been ignored. Except-no they haven't.

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