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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We also have a zero intelligence policy....

Two boys in the last two days have been suspended from school for having items on or near their person which could be a weapon......like a weight from the gym room could be a weapon. In each circumstance the boys both had knives. One knife was locked inside a survival kit, locked inside the trunk of a car. The other was part of a multi-utensil for eating. You know, the kind Boy Scouts carry. Neither boy was being aggressive, has a history of violence or would have gotten a second look under any other circumstance.

One boy who has dreams of going to West Point.....now maybe dashed.

One boy who is 6 and excited to become a Cub Scout.

This zero tolerance policy of most schools is simply a call to laziness. They don't want to deal with the actual troublemakers and actual behavioral problems so it's easier to simply make a blanket rule like this, which has little application in real life.

It would seem Dr. Helen and I are in agreement.

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