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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

You can take the census away from ACORN, but you can't take ACORN out of the census.

Citing cost constraints, the U.S. Census will not concerned themselves with whether folks they are counting are actual citizens. It isn't all that important anyway.....just count all the people legal and illegal and then divvy up Representatives across the country to represent us. What could possibly be the harm.....
The Commerce Department and Census Bureau declared Tuesday that an amendment by Sen. David Vitter, R-La., to require the 2010 census to ask all persons their citizenship and immigration status would scuttle any chance that the census could be done on time and would cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars

Vitter portrays his amendment as a last-ditch effort to protect the political power of Louisiana and other states with relatively small populations of people who are either not citizens or are not legal residents in the United States, and keep Louisiana from losing one of its seven congressional districts in the coming reapportionment.

The decennial census, required by the Constitution to count all"persons," is used for the purposes of congressional apportionment and legislative redistricting. The result is that places with more people -- regardless of their status -- get more representation.

Or as Vitter put it in floor debate on his amendment last week, "States that have large populations of illegals would be rewarded for that. Other states, including my home state of Louisiana, would be penalized."

Surely in states that are liberal enough to allow massive illegal immigration are liberal enough to get a few more Democratic seats in the House. States like California, New York and Texas get more representation because of people who are not citizens-yet the rest of the country loses. Big time.

Another problem? The forms they designed don't ask if people are citizens....so the whole form would have to be redesigned or an addenda added. So they didn't think ahead of time that it was worthwhile to know if people were citizens? I see-you can take the census away from ACORN, but you can't take ACORN out of the census.

It is unconscionable to me that anyone would attempt to assert that requiring people to be legal residents of this country in order to determine representation in our Capitol is "unconstitutional" or "discriminatory". How is it "constitutional" or "legal" to count people who are not legal citizens? That just makes no sense at all.

Finally, GatewayPundit sums up a big problem with this issue- you won't hear about this on the 5 o'clock news~
Of course, this story will be buried by the state-run media.

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