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Monday, November 30, 2009

Iran gives the finger to the U.S., going to build more nuclear plants.

Despite the fact that Obama and the U.N. have been super nice and sweet to Iran, and more importantly Ahmadinejad, it looks as though they are more determined than ever to build additional nuclear plants around the country. Sunday Iran announced they would be building 10 more plants.
Iran angrily refused Sunday to comply with a demand by the United Nations nuclear agency to cease work on a once-secret nuclear fuel enrichment plant, and escalated the confrontation by declaring it would construct 10 more such plants.
While Iran likes to talk about energy and their growing demands there is little doubt that if these programs are allowed to continue at such a rate Iran will have dangerous nuclear abilities. Once acquired, there will be no taking them away. Moves like this are clearly in an effort to show that the U.N. and moreover the United Sates, has no influence over Iran. A weak foreign policy leaves the door open for rogue countries to do as they wish. If we do not support and defend the sanctions and resolutions against such countries they will become more dangerous and out of control. As we saw during the Clinton years, ignoring such threats as this is a major mistake when it comes to foreign affairs.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

4,000 at St. Louis Tea Party-Let Off Some Steam! HUGE SUCCESS!!!

Today St. Louis Tea Party had a kick off to the holiday season Tea Party to let off some steam and listen to some fantastic speakers. If you missed the even the livestream is available to watch here.

The weather couldn't have been better. With temperatures in the high 60's and a crowd of more than 4,000 people there is no doubt this was a huge success.

The usual awesome speakers were there and a few surprises:

Dana Loesch:

Gina Loudon

James O'Keefe and Jim Hoft (GatewayPundit):

Dave McArthur:

This was a fantastic event. I will have a lot more later tonight....for now a little fun! Be sure to watch the livestream if you didn't get a chance to attend.

I have ton of video and more pictures-watch for them tomorrow!

St. Louis Tea Party Extraviganza Saturday 11/28-BE THERE

Watch LIVE right here:

Live TV by Ustream

St. Louis Tea Party recently announced our Holiday Tea Party downtown at Kiener Plaza Saturday November 28th, 2009 starting at noon and going through 3pm.

Join us in a grand celebration to kick off the holiday season. We’ll join hearts to revitalize our souls and minds to re-energize our message. We must continue to fight against Cap and Trade and the Pelosi monstrosity-Healthcare-through the winter!

Bring your family, bring your friends. We have big things planned and can’t wait to see all you patriots again.

There will be fun and games for the whole family! As usual, our speakers line-up can't be beat and our very own Bill Hennessy will take on Master of Ceremonies.
Pat Dollard
Mike Carey
James O’Keefe
Stephanie Rubach
Lyda Loudon (Youth)
Jay Steward
Dave McArthur,
Dana Loesch
Jim Hoft
Dr. Gina Loudon

The now famous Gulag erected at Washington University a few weeks ago will be on full display.

MyConservativeGroup is having ANOTHER Rolling Tea Party! This group did such an excellent job last time they have decided to get a big group together and roll into downtown with their patriotism on full display. They will be starting at Des Peres Cinema and rolling in down Manchester Rd. The full details are here. Decorate your car with your patriotic spirit and roll on out the the St. Louis Tea Party!

UPDATE: Looks like the Franklin County Patriots will also do a Rolling Tea Party into downtown via 44. Check their site for details!

I'll be there, behind my computer as always :) Come find me and say "Hi!" I can't wait to see you ALL!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Quick Hit on Being Thankful

I am working this morning..... frankly if you know me-you know, I am ALWAYS working. It's just what I do. Some of it paid, some of it not, but all of it fulfills me in some way. I need that in my life; someone close to me recently told me it makes me who I am and I would say they are right.

I took a little jaunt off the beaten path of research and began reading some Thanksgiving posts which got me thinking about all the things I have to be thankful for. There are so many things-I doubt I could list them all. I can think of a few though......
  • While I am not out-loud religious, I am thankful that God has allowed me to live this long and see there are better things in this world. Many times I wondered if that would ever happen. No matter how dark things became, God gave me strength and endurance to get through to the other side........now that I'm here it is so wonderful. I wouldn't have wanted to miss this for the world.
  • I am thankful for my daughters and that they are happy and healthy. I always remind myself to not live my life with regret. If I regret one thing it leads me away from all the wonderful things I have now. They fall into this category. Out of anguish and horror I got them. They are my life. I would have endured anything for them.
  • I am thankful for my husband. He has been there to support me and let me find myself. I was young and single with two babies-one of whom was very hard to raise for a while-and he took a chance on me anyway. But not for him, I have no doubt my life would have taken a very different path. He was the first man I ever met who accepted me for who I am, even when I didn't know who I was and I thank him for it. He saw in me what I have become-I guess it was there all the time.
  • I am thankful for my parents. They raised me to be a good person and have a kind heart. Even when I lost my way, they did not lose faith. My mom gave me strength and independence. My dad, a quite dedication to family and acceptance that even though we might not always see it right away, God has a plan for us.
  • I am thankful to have so many friends in my life that care about me. It wasn't always that way and it feels good. I kept my life closed and guarded for many years. Now my circle has grown quite wide and there are days when I might not make it through except for the love and support of those I have chosen to surround myself with.
  • I am thankful for the life I have built. I cannot express in words what that means to me. I can only say if you had asked me 25 years ago what my life would look like at 40, I wouldn't have been able to tell you. You can't see anything when you stare into a deep black hole............

So thank you dear reader. Thanks for coming in here and looking at my life from the inside for a few minutes. I am thankful for you guys too-I am inspired to write by the events in the world, but enjoy writing for those I can share it with.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Re-education camps for Minnesota's teachers-to-be.

Following in the ideological path of the Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings, the University of Minnesota has decided newly minted Teaching students must embrace the idea that America is a racist, sexist, homophobic place to be. No more teaching our youngsters about reading, writing and 'rithmatic; the new most important skill our children must be taught is valuing race, class and gender politics over anything else. Based on a report compiled last summer by the Race, Culture, Class and Gender Task Group at the U's College of Education and Human Development, training and teaching the teachers is being perverted in to cultural re-education to fit a very leftist agenda. Then those teachers can spread the agenda by pounding it into children's heads across the country, regardless of what parents want or believe.
In a report compiled last summer, the Race, Culture, Class and Gender Task Group at the U's College of Education and Human Development recommended that aspiring teachers there must repudiate the notion of "the American Dream" in order to obtain the recommendation for licensure required by the Minnesota Board of Teaching. Instead, teacher candidates must embrace -- and be prepared to teach our state's kids -- the task force's own vision of America as an oppressive hellhole: racist, sexist and homophobic.

The task group is part of the Teacher Education Redesign Initiative, a multiyear project to change the way future teachers are trained at the U's flagship campus. The initiative is premised, in part, on the conviction that Minnesota teachers' lack of "cultural competence" contributes to the poor academic performance of the state's minority students. Last spring, it charged the task group with coming up with
recommendations to change this. In January, planners will review the recommendations and decide how to proceed.

The report advocates making race, class and gender politics the "overarching framework" for all teaching courses at the U. It calls for evaluating future teachers in both coursework and practice teaching based on their willingness to fall into ideological lockstep.
Gone are the days when parents will teach what is moral, right, wrong, or acceptable. Here are the days when being raised by gay parents or black parents automatically puts you at a disadvantage that must be scrubbed. Judgements and resulting behaviors are now being positioned in the class room. Parents are no longer the standard bearers. Political correctness is gone, being tolerant and fair isn't the bar to reach anymore-we must go further, killing off any semblance of family, tradition or morality. The left does not want the traditionalists or conservatives to "force" Christianity or morals down their throats-in fact they do not even want to be aware it exists. But, the rest of us must acknowledge and embrace that which they see as necessary. Extreme views, deviant behavior, immoral life styles, those things should not only be tolerated, but taught and exalted to the highest of the high. To tolerate them will not do. Conforming to believing is all there is now.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Conservatives might take a look at Saul Alinsky and Cloward-Piven

I wouldn't often recommend civil disobedience on such a grand scale, but as they say, if you don't do it, who will.......

Jim Yardley over at American Thinker writes that if the monstrosity of healthcare reform passes, the folks might want to take some advice from Saul Alinsky and Cloward-Piven.
If Obamacare was currently law, I might be guilty of inciting criminality. Nah, not "might be." I'd be guilty as hell. If this abominable law is passed, I think the ultimate act of civil disobedience might be the most effective way to bring these politicians to their senses.

During the Vietnam era, some men were willing to go to jail rather than serve in what they considered an immoral war. A LOT more just cut and went to Canada. I can't speak for all my brothers in Vietnam, but I know the vast majority of soldiers with whom I served had enormous respect for those who went to jail as a matter of conscience, and utter disdain for those who ran and hid in Canada. I thought at the time that if those who went north had overwhelmed our prison system, the war would have been ended years earlier.

I think the same strategy would work now. Overwhelm our prison system, and see how quickly the laws (and some incumbents) are changed.

Thanks Saul Alinsky, and Doctors Cloward and Piven. Even if it's not the change the two of you hoped for, we might just see if your ideas really work.
Unfortunately, if the current bills being considered can be married in some agreeable way and the "now in power" folks in D.C. have no concern for what the American people want, I have a feeling you will see quite a bit of civil disobedience in this vein. When the people realize they will pay on this bill 6 years before any real benefit is received, more will become engaged. The more population is engaged, the more difficult it is for our leaders to ignore us. I hate the thought of this thing turning into something unruly and ugly, but if they're not going to listen to us now..........when will they?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Mounting evidence of going "Galt"

I couldn't agree more. The problem is, it couldn't be more depressing:
With the threat of this administration and congress, what is the possible motivation for anyone with ideas and capital to invest their time, talent and money into a risky endeavor? There appears to be none. In fact there appear to be powerful incentives not to invest any time and treasure -- thus an economy with almost zero creative inertia.

For Obama voters, almost zero creative inertia means almost no one is having bright ideas, starting businesses based on them and hiring employees to help share the dream.
Sadly this Administration just doesn't get it. This is exactly why the economy isn't recovering. As a small business owner I would love to make some changes, maybe even hire someone, but with all the unknown variables there is no way that is going to happen. This Administration is not only sucking the life out of me, but with all the turmoil, mounting deficits with no end in sight and a clear desire to grab as much power as possible with little concern for what America wants-well, I and millions of other small business owners will maintain the status quo. I would never give the government the satisfaction of taking what I have worked so hard to achieve. I'll stop doing it before that will happen.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Smoke and Mirrors? More like Smokin' Crack...

In what can only be described as the biggest lie told........today, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid claims his new healthcare bill will cost $$848 billion in the first 10 years.
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid claims that his health care bill costs about $848 billion in the first 10 years, well under President Obama's $900 billion target.

That's for 10 years of revenue-gathering, but only six years of service, according to the analysis by the Congressional Budget Office.

Adding in expenses beyond the 10-year mark drastically skews the overall cost, making the $848 billion a mere fraction of the long-term price tag of overhauling America's health care system -- and that's if no changes are made to the legislation during that time
This is ridiculous. They will pass something the majority of the American people do not want with lies and falsehoods. It's bad enough that they can never stick to a budget to begin with, but the chances of them not adding to it and not changing legislation over the years is negative eleventy-trillion-gazillion. The truth is, not only are there no cost savings in the bill (again, just because you are paying less doesn't mean it costs less) but in fact in the first ten years of actual spending, the costs explode and go up to around $2.5 trillion.

Smoke and mirrors indeed........

Could lose confidence?

President Obama warns there could be a double dip recession at some point as "people could lose confidence in the U.S. economy."

They could lose confidence? Are you kidding me? If you can't see that they already have, then this country is in even trouble than I thought.

(H/T GatewayPundit)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Dean of Harvard Medical School agrees with Conservatives

I'm not shocked. Are you?

Health 'Reform' Gets a Failing Grade
Speeches and news reports can lead you to believe that proposed congressional legislation would tackle the problems of cost, access and quality. But that's not true. The various bills do deal with access by expanding Medicaid and mandating subsidized insurance at substantial cost—and thus addresses an important social goal. However, there are no provisions to substantively control the growth of costs or raise the quality of care. So the overall effort will fail to qualify as reform.
Go read the whole thing. It's what we've been saying for months.

Put taxpayer money where your mouth is.

Democrats are grasping at straws to suddenly become the party of fiscal responsibility, while at the same time increasing the federal debt exponentially-which is an oxymoron.......or maybe just moronic. Either way.

Last week the Dems came up with the fantastic idea that they could pay down some of the federal deficit by using TARP funds-yeah, moronic. This week they are balking at South Dakota Senator John Thune's suggestion of ending TARP. You know TARP, that which will surely become a permanent slush fund if allowed to continue beyond the set ending date of December 31 of this year. Funny enough Dems would even consider extending what was billed and written as a temporary, emergency move to stop failure of the perceived "too big to fail" financial institutions.
The Republican yesterday introduced a bill that would bar Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner from extending the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief
Program beyond its expiration date on December 31. The legislation would not
affect the roughly $400 billion worth of handouts that remain with the likes of
Citigroup or General Motors. It would, however, halt further lending and
immediately return the fund's $300 billion in unobligated money to taxpayers.

The White House keeps claiming it wants to do just that, but Mr. Geithner
also refuses to rule out signing a TARP renewal. What the Administration won't
say is that it likes retaining a slush fund that can be doled out carte-blanche
to politically worthy recipients. Only this week AFL-CIO President Richard
Trumka dreamed up a new use for TARP money, demanding it be recycled into
favored community banks or small businesses. This is how an emergency bailout
program morphs into a White House's "walking around" money.
Just one of the billion-trillion reasons why we should never take the government at their word. How's that deficit neutral, possibly even deficit lowering Healthcare Bill looking now-especially once you realize it will cost $289 Billion dollars.......

They waste $98 Billion-but they want to control the Healthcare system

In a newly released financial report about 5 percent of spending in federal programs for fiscal year 2009 was improper. While this is not particularly shocking news by itself, it should be a huge red flashing warning light as just another reason why the government has no business running something as large and problematic as healthcare. At this point most of the waste and fraud is coming from the healthcare that the government is already running with report listing payments of roughly $36 billion to Medicare as questionable or fraudulent.
More than $98 billion in taxpayer dollars spent by government agencies was wasted, much of it on questionable claims for tax credits and Medicare benefits, representing an increase of $26 billion from the previous year.

In all, about 5 percent of spending in federal programs in fiscal year 2009 was improper, according to new details of a government financial report that were released Tuesday. Saying the overall error rate was similar in 2008, officials attributed the $26 billion jump to some changes in how to define improper spending as well as an increase in overall spending due to the recession.
I realize one big caveat of this Administration is the tons of savings that come from eliminating waste and fraud from these programs. As always I must ask, if we can save so much money by eliminating this waste and fraud why don't we just eliminate the waste and fraud FIRST? It is ridiculous that the government wants us to believe that they, who have never run a fiscally sound program or entity, will do a better job with healthcare for an entire country.......

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Economy: the Money Pit of this decade.

In what can only be presumed as a move to further endear themselves to people who don't know any better, Senate Democrats are looking to spend even more money, that we don't have, yet another program, that we don't need. In a bill sponsored by Sen. Jack Reed (D-R.I.) they would give unemployment compensation to employees who accept a reduced work schedule in order to avoid layoffs or so the company can hire more employees.
“Work share programs provide businesses with the flexibility to reduce hours instead of cutting jobs,” Reed said in a statement. “This plan will help prevent layoffs, make businesses more productive, and save taxpayers money by keeping people on payrolls and off unemployment benefits."
Subsidizing people who are working reduced hours, but working none-the-less? The Democrats are making this economy "The Money Pit" of this decade. Money for healthcare, money for Cap and Trade, money for extended unemployment benefits, money for companies, money for foreclosures-when does it end? If we are going to subsidize people who are working reduced hours, how long until we subsidize those who aren't making a standard of wage? If we subsidize workers in this way, what is the motivation for the company to get workers back to work full-time? Will the companies have to pay back this money once they are back up to full speed later down the line-or-is the American Taxpayer once again on the line for paying for it and making sure that others get their "fair share." Once again we see lawmakers that are throwing money at the symptom, which does nothing to relieve the actual disease.

Why don't they see that the way to increase people's hours and wages is by implementing programs that create jobs? Subsidizing every aspect of our economy is not only a flawed and impossible plan, it's not good for the future of our country.

Monday, November 16, 2009

If you allow Santa, you might bring out the Nazi's

When did it become acceptable to discriminate against people for their religion? How did we let PC go so far that it is reasonable have a full on assault against anything Christian in this country, but calling a radical Muslim terrorist what he is, is avoided at all costs? How did non-discrimination, freedom and acceptance get twisted into the white-washing and de-Christianizing of every major holiday? I thought equal, meant including everyone-not the exclusion of everyone-but a few......

In Chelmsford MA they have taken the "holiday" out of the Holiday Store at Byam Elementary School. While these rules have been in place for some years, a couple of the parents are asking that holiday themed items be allowed back in to the store for children who wish to buy them.

Superintendent Donald Yeoman told The Sun on Tuesday that the rules for the gift shop are under the authority of Byam Principal Jane Gilmore. Ultimately, said Yeoman, the policy for the gift shop was set so no child would feel left out.
It is unbelievably sad to me that we have come so far in this country, that the way to not leave out children, is to leave out most of the children. As I have pointed out before, we are going down a dangerous path in this country where we sacrifice the many for the few on the alter of political correctness. There is no justifying this way of making all children feel included-yet excluding 80% of them.

I am not offended that my Jewish friends celebrate Hanukkah. I do not feel left out when I drive by a mosque. There is no anger in my heart when I see a Cinco de Mayo celebration. Why, if we are going to preach acceptance and tolerance, do we not practice it for all religions and traditions? How is it that a cross can be submerged in a jar of urine and called art-and allowed to stand no matter how offensive-but a child cannot buy a holiday candle and give it to her mother for Christmas?

What parent in that room can reasonably think that allowing Santa in a holiday store will then cause someone to break out a swastika? Only an idiot, that's who.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Shut up Dede

Our favorite Democrat is back in the news, claiming she knows what is best for the Republican party. In a move to keep herself relevant in an arena where she is not, Dede Scozzafava went on Rachel Maddow's show to remind us all why we couldn't stand her in the first place.

Dede Scozzafava, the Republican congressional nominee who dropped out of New York’s special election last week to endorse Democrat Bill Owens, said Wednesday night that the GOP is “really not based on any sort of substance.”

Speaking with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, Scozzafava warned Republicans that “you have ideology that’s really not based on any sort of substance that can move an agenda forward, that can really help people in this country.”

“I don’t think it’s good for the health of our party. Any party that just tries to purge members that might have any sort of independent thinking, I think, eventually will run itself to very much of a minority status,” she continued. “I think any sort of party has to be willing to solve the problems. And in order to solve problems, you have to look at things sometimes differently. And you do have to drive towards some sort of consensus building.”

Yes Dede, we do need to drive to some sort of consensus and the consensus is you are decidedly not Republican. When you are for abortion, big taxes, big government, and the bailouts, to name a few, you do not hold the principles and values that this party holds dear. If you cannot meet just a minimum of standards we have no use for you. The fact that you finish making your point by referring to Doug Hoffman as the opponent, as opposed to the actual opponent-Bill Owens WHO IS THE DEMOCRAT-only further solidifies that the conservative movement against you was the right one.

Lowering the cost of Healthcare will cost $289 Billion

As we have been saying all along........there is nothing in the House proposed healthcare bill that lowers cost. There are lower payments to doctors and hospitals through Medicare and Medicaid reductions. There are higher taxes, fines, penalties and unfunded mandates. There are provisions for jail time for those that will not buy. There are loan forgiveness programs for Veterinarians. There are all kinds of things crammed in this pretend reform, but not one single thing lowers cost. I've said it before, but I just have to say it again-PAYING OUT LESS DOESN'T MEAN YOU HAVE LOWERED COSTS.
However, the CMS analysis clearly states that the House bill falls short in attaining a key goal of the Democrats' effort to reform the nation's healthcare system: "With the exception of the proposed reduction in Medicare... the provisions of H.R. 3962 would not have a significant impact on future healthcare cost growth rates."
We can read and reason Mr. President, can you?

Mr. President, reality is on the phone

Despite ratings that continue to tank, President Obama seems to have no desire greater than pursuing his own agenda. Over the last 11 months he has relentlessly pushed policy and programs that, with every passing day, are less and less important to the American people.

Mr. Obama's approval among likely voters has dropped to the low-50s in most polls, and the most recent Rasmussen Reports poll of likely voters shows him slightly below the 50% mark. This is a relatively low rating for new presidents.

A look at more detailed data shows why Mr. Obama's ratings are likely to drop even further.

A CNN poll released Nov. 6 found that 47% of Americans believe the top issue facing the country is the economy, while only 17% say its health care. However, the bulk of the president's efforts over the past six months have been not on the economy but on health care, an issue in which he continues to draw negative ratings.

In a Rasmussen Reports poll taken after the House of Representatives passed health-care reform by the narrowest of margins last Saturday night, 54% of likely voters say they are opposed to the plan with only 45% in favor. Furthermore, in the all-important category of unaffiliated voters, 58% oppose the bill. That's one of the reasons why so many moderate Democratic House members opposed it.

The CNN poll also shows that in addition to health care, a majority of Americans disapprove of how Mr. Obama is handling the economy, Afghanistan, Iraq, unemployment, illegal immigration and the federal budget deficit. Put simply, there isn't a critical problem facing the country on which the president has positive ratings.
It is not at all uncommon for the people to disagree with legislators on the direction to take the country on some specific issues. However, it would seem that if you are in direct opposition to the majority of the American people on nearly every major policy issue, one might stop and take notice. One might act as though they have a shred of insight into one thing the American people feel is important.

Mr. President, reality is on the phone.........................

Saturday, November 14, 2009

It was a beautiful day for a Rolling Tea Party.......

Today in St. Louis the organization MyConservativeGroup put on a Rolling Tea Party, driving a 50 mile loop through South and West St. Louis County. It was a beautiful day for a lovely drive. Over 30 cars showed up, decorated and ready to go:

There were messages protesting too much spending and the poor healthcare bill:

It took about 30 minutes for us to get assembled and ready to go. Brian Bollmann armed with a megaphone and a great attitude got the crowd fired up.

Dave McArthur even came by and said a few words of encouragement before we took off. I have video of both of them speaking. It will be up a little later.

We even had one lone protester.

He wanted to debate kool-aid facts with the people, so I obliged him. Here are the highlights:

The Rolling Tea Party made the trek from South St. Louis County, heading north on Lindbergh Blvd, then West down Olive, East on Manchester Rd. and finally coming full circle back to Lindbergh Blvd. Stopping in the Home Depot parking lot where we had started. Throughout the entire trip we had folks honking and waving, it was really great to see so many. They knew the message. They knew why we were there.

The Rolling Tea Party was a great success. It was the first major event put on by MyConservativeGroup and it was fantastic! Those taking part were approached by strangers in parking lots where we pulled over for breaks along the route and most-if not all-were in total support. The folks are really starting to get it. Through the efforts of groups like MyConservativeGroup, St. Louis Tea Party, I Heard the People Say and countless others-all with their scores of hard working grassroots activists, we are getting the message out. People are taking notice. We are making a difference.
Before you go, be SURE to check out SpikeSTL's video montage. The work is excellent and AC/DC is my all-time favorite band so that just adds to the awesomeness :)

Keep up the good work you guys! We are making a difference.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Al Gore speaking in Oregon-Come on out & give him a real GRASSROOTS welcome!

Al Gore will be traveling to Oregon next week, giving another long winded speech about his fake cause of global war.....I mean climate change. I wonder if he'll ignore questions from the audience again. Probably. Most of the time he doesn't even take questions.

Thank goodness we have common sense organizations like Americans for Prosperity and the tireless grassroots to combat lies and half truths being spread on this issue. If you live in Oregon, join your fellow patriots at the Americans for Prosperity’s Hot Air Tour, Wednesday, November 18 in Portland at Keller Fountain Park. There will be a rally outside of Keller Auditorium, where Al Gore will be pushing his job killing Cap and Trade Scheme. Show Mr. Gore you will no longer stand for his lies.

From AFP's Site:

Portland, OR 6:00 p.m.-- Wednesday, November 18
Location: Keller Fountain
ParkSW 3rd Ave. & SW Clay St.
Portland, OR 97201
Click Here to Register

Come out, join with like minded people and help put a STOP to the economic suicide called Cap and Trade!

Government set to bail out itself

When you are talking about government a complete and total suspension of reality is obviously required. More and more these days I would say.........

The Obama Administration is now poised to "save" some of the money from TARP funds and use it for deficit reduction.
The administration wants to keep some of the unspent funds available for emergencies, but is considering setting aside a chunk for debt reduction, according to people familiar with the matter. It is also expected to lower the projected long-term cost of the program -- the amount it expects to lose -- to as little as $200 billion from $341 billion estimated in August.

The idea is still a matter of debate within the administration and it is unclear how much impact it would have on the nation's mounting deficit levels. Still, the potential move illustrates how the Obama administration is trying to find any way it can to bring down the deficit, which is turning into a political as well as an economic liability.
It is nearly impossible to even wrap your head around this kind of thinking. TARP funds, most of which are being borrowed, being used to pay down debt? Isn't that a little like taking money from one pocket and putting it with money in your other pocket, then declaring that you now have more money?
White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is pressing for substantial spending cuts to go with any tax increases to try to avoid the "tax and spend" label that has bedeviled Democrats, according to administration and congressional officials.
Using borrowed money, or even future money, to pay down current liabilities does not make Democrats seem fiscally responsible. But of course they are too entrenched in "Fantasy Island" to see that.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Murder has no religion...unless it's Chirstian

It is infuriating, despite mounting evidence, the MSM continues to push the angle that Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan was not a domestic terrorist. Everywhere you turn media is defending the man that gunned down American service men and women in cold blood. Story after story minimizing the terrorism angle and playing up the "He was suffering from trauma." or "He was just crazy. Period." angle. Yet, often when acts of extreme violence take place in this country the rabid left can't wait to call Christians terrorists. If they can't blame it on that, well then, there just isn't another angle.

The most recent example: Scott Roeder, accused of gunning down Dr. Tiller, a late-term abortion provider, in the lobby of his church. The left could not stop calling this man a christian terrorist.

No matter that Hasan told colleagues "infedels should have their throats cut."
No matter that Hasan tried to contact Al Qaeda.
No matter he screamed “Allahu Akbar” as his rampage started.
No matter he idiolized suicide bombers.

Seriously.....it might be time to get a clue.

Exit question-Will Hasan be charged under the new Hate Crimes law?

Unfunny irony in Britain's healthcare system.

As the focus here in the U.S. becomes more government involvement in your healthcare and running it, in Britain they are writing new rules to reduce the damage done by socialized medicine.
Hospital patients in England will get the legal right to be seen privately if they face NHS delays.

Hospitals have to start treating patients within 18 weeks of referral - or two weeks in the case of cancer. But ministers will now give patients a legal right to private care - or treatment at another NHS centre if so desired - if this does not happen.

In an effort to reign in out of control wait times-often more than 18 weeks-the government is now set to amend the NHS Constitution which give people the right to seek private treatment if the NHS cannot meet a reduced wait time goal. The irony of government regulations causing a need for more government regulation. While these new guarantees may be written and the intention behind them is certainly honorable, there is no doubt that writing it down does nothing to alleviate the real problem-there are too many people in a system that is unsustainable and going broke. For those loving the idea of single-payer, please tell me what about waiting 18 weeks or more to begin treatment is better than what we have now?

Monday, November 9, 2009

In Britain they're getting 'state spying' databases for all your activity

Oh great. So once Net Neutrality-which is completely unnecessary-goes through, we can look forward to this.
All telecoms companies and Internet service providers will be required by law to keep a record of every customer's personal communications, showing who they are contacting, when, where and which websites they are visiting.

Despite widespread opposition over Britain's growing surveillance society, 653 public bodies will be given access to the confidential information, including police, local councils, the Financial Services Authority, the Ambulance Service, fire authorities and even prison governors.

They will not require the permission of a judge or a magistrate to access the information, but simply the authorisation of a senior police officer or the equivalent of a deputy head of department at a local authority.
What? Me worry? Why would I be concerned that a) we're going to be next and b) that the government would abuse this information under the guise of needing it for something else?

Stimulus creating 3,000 new jobs!....in China

Well, what do you know-"Chuck the Schumk" is paying attention to something.....
Sen. Charles Schumer called for a "comprehensive" review on Monday of all renewable energy projects seeking funding from the economic stimulus package, following reports that $849 million in U.S. grants have gone to foreign wind companies in the past two months alone.

The New York Democrat first intervened last week, writing a letter to Energy Secretary Steven Chu urging him to deny stimulus funding to a Texas wind farm that would rely on wind turbines made in China. The $1.5 billion project would create up to 3,000 jobs in China but only 330 jobs in the United States, most of which would be temporary, according to one report.

Schumer spokesman Josh Vlasto told FoxNews.com that the senator is calling for a review of "all pending green energy projects" seeking stimulus funds to ensure they create jobs in the United States.
Any chance these guys are getting worried because they-keep spending all the money-have no idea where it's going or what it's doing- have no idea how they're going to pay for it in the end? If they're not......they should be.

GMAC getting more dolla-dolla bills from the government

GMAC is unable to meet it's capital "stress test" goal, thought up by the government. They were told they needed $74.6B in cash reserves to protect them in the event the economy worsened.

So they are going to borrow the money from the government, that is required by the government, in order for the government to no take them over...........Yep, that's what I said.

I guess they don't know Social Security is going bankrupt?

I keep seeing this quoted over and over:
“This is an opportunity to do something as big as Social Security,” he added. “And me, personally, I don’t want to be on the wrong side of history.”
Every time I see it I can only assume that the person saying it is unfamiliar with the fact that social security is going bankrupt and has overgrown it's original estimates hundreds of times over.

Your arrogance is showing Mr. President

So, he'll suck up to those who hate us, but again shows his arrogance toward our allies. In what has become a series of missteps by this Administration, Obama has once again shown arrogance and a complete disregard for foreign relationships that have taken years to cultivate.
The White House waited several days to confirm that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could meet with President Barack Obama Monday, and sought conditions first -- underscoring the new depths of difficulty that Middle East peace efforts have reached in the last week.

U.S. officials said the delay, which stretched until late Sunday, stemmed from last-minute discussions aimed at gaining a more robust and public commitment to the peace track from Mr. Netanyahu. One official said the U.S. wanted Mr. Netanyahu to express stronger support for negotiations on an independent Palestinian state at his speech Monday before the Jewish Federations of North America in Washington. "We're in the part of the process where you can't expect something for nothing," the
official said.

Another. Bad. Move.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Nutritional labeling? Doesn't work.

While reading through various portions of the healthcare bill passed by Congress last night I came across the section on new labeling requirements. Starting on page 1151 there are various requirements for restaurants and vending machines as to how and what must carry nutritional information. Presumably they feel this will reduce peoples inclination to eat too many calories or food stuffs that carry little to no nutritional value, therefore reducing obesity and diseases related to obesity.

Unfortunately, the people who would benefit most from this information are the least likely to use it. A prime example of an out-of-touch government applying out-dated and costly fixes to a problem, only to realize after that they do nothing to address the actual issue.

Dennis Kucinich has it almost completely wrong

While Dennis Kucinich tries to contain any backlash on his no vote last night on the travesty known as H.R. 3962, The Affordable Health Care for America Act, he sites outright lies and uses misdirection to promote the false utopia of single-payer. On his web site he writes to explain his choice; vowing to continue the fight for a single-payer system.

We continue to see the left promoting the idea insurance companies are the bad guys. Describing insurance companies as "predatory" and making money by "not providing health care"; no matter that it has been shown this is a complete lie. Insurance companies make no where near the profits Americans are being lead to believe they make-just over 2.2% in this last year; barely around 6% most years.
We have been led to believe that we must make our health care choices only within the current structure of a predatory, for-profit insurance system which makes money not providing health care. We cannot fault the insurance companies for being what they are. But we can fault legislation in which the government incentivizes the perpetuation, indeed the strengthening, of the for-profit health insurance industry, the very source of the problem. When health insurance companies deny care or raise premiums, co-pays and deductibles they are simply trying to make a profit. That is our system."

"Clearly, the insurance companies are the problem, not the solution. They are driving up the cost of health care. Because their massive bureaucracy avoids paying bills so effectively, they force hospitals and doctors to hire their own bureaucracy to fight the insurance companies to avoid getting stuck with an unfair share of the bills. The result is that since 1970, the number of physicians has increased by less than 200% while the number of administrators has increased by 3000%. It is no wonder that 31 cents of every health care dollar goes to administrative costs, not toward providing care. Even those with insurance are at risk. The single biggest cause of bankruptcies in the U.S. is health insurance policies that do not cover you when you get sick."
While there is no question we can fault legislation and the rising costs of administration for much of the current state of healthcare, the way in which Mr. Kucinich portrays those problems is completely false. Administrative costs have contributed greatly to the rising costs of healthcare because of unnecessary government legislation, government regulation and government bureaucracy-not a lack of it. This seething cesspool of government interference does little to actually protect consumers or keep healthcare costs from rising. I once heard President Obama falsely claim that insurance companies were the worst for rejecting claims based on crossing "t"s and dotting "i"s. This is patently false. As someone who clientele consists of more than 97% small doctors offices, I can unequivocally and without a doubt tell you more claims are rejected through Medicare and Medicaid for petty items and missed punctuation than any private insurance company. In addition, these two government run agencies have some of the most difficult, antiquated and stringent systems to deal with. If Administration has gone up 3000% it is due to government, not a lack of it.

Also directly attributable to skyrocketing costs? A lack of tort reform; this serves to drive costs up even more. With the rising fees for defending against unfounded attacks and awards that far out-weigh the true damage most people incur, insurance companies and doctors both have had to put in safe guards and double and triple processes to protect themselves. Combine that with the outrageous costs of malpractice insurance-which all doctors pay, regardless of whether or not they have ever been sued-and it's a perfect recipe for costs that will never see a ceiling or an end. To make the insurance companies the bad guys in that equation serves only as misdirection.

Mr. Kucinich goes on to somehow link the collapse of American manufacturing industry to a failing heathcare system.

"This health care bill continues the redistribution of wealth to Wall Street at the expense of America's manufacturing and service economies which suffer from costs other countries do not have to bear, especially the cost of health care. America continues to stand out among all industrialized nations for its privatized health care system. As a result, we are less competitive in steel, automotive, aerospace and shipping while other countries subsidize their exports in these areas through socializing the cost of health care."

Blaming our lack of competitiveness on the countries unwillingness to subsidize the costs of healthcare? This is quite a stretch to make. It seems Kucinich has completely forgotten about NAFTA, our 2nd highest corporate tax rate in the world, mounting trade-deficits and foreign interests taking a front seat in manufacturing in the American economy. I would say the costs of healthcare is way down on their list of worries when it comes to being less competitive. While I will agree that this bill does nothing to reign in the costs of healthcare and is no friend to business and manufacturing, to imply unsubsidized healthcare is the reason for our lack of competitiveness in the marketplace is disingenuous.

Dennis also enlightens us to the separation between the finance economy and the real economy-in which Wall Street, corporations, and banks are showing signs of recovery but people are not.
"Recent rises in unemployment indicate a widening separation between the finance economy and the real economy. The finance economy considers the health of Wall Street, rising corporate profits, and banks' hoarding of cash, much of it from taxpayers, as sign of an economic recovery. However in the real economy-in which most Americans live - the recession is not over. Rising unemployment, business failures, bankruptcies and foreclosures are still hammering Main Street."
Again, I don't disagree with his premise, but his insinuation that a single payer system would somehow relieve the "real economies" problems is far off base. For one thing, there is living proof in Britain and Canada. Those countries have government run healthcare; their people are, economically, no better off than Americans. So, not only are they suffering under systems that won't employ people or put food on the table, but the huge entitlement of government run healthcare has lead to rationing and a system that treats people based on dollar amounts and panels of statistical outcomes rather than on a personal relationship or the individual. Healthcare costs in those countries are no less-just the amount they spend on people is less....leading to higher death rates from things like kidney disease and breast cancer. So, it costs the same, they just stop paying sooner. This, Mr. Kucinich is not a better system.

Indeed, "unemployment, business failures, bankruptcies and foreclosures are still hammering Main Street." How then does adding $3 trillion to the deficit over the long term, increasing entitlement programs and the size of government alleviate those issues? It doesn't. Neither does turning our system in to one of single-payer. This would only serve to increase government and government is never a creator of wealth. Government is a taker of wealth, leaving it's people enslaved and poorer for it.

Ft. Hood Shooter attended Mosque with imam who advised Sept. 11 Hijackers

The Telegraph is reporting the monster who gunned downed all those innocents in Ft. Hood last week attended a mosque led by a radical imam said to be a "spiritual adviser" to three of the hijackers who attacked America on Sept 11, 2001.

Hasan, the sole suspect in the massacre of 13 fellow US soldiers in Texas, attended the controversial Dar al-Hijrah mosque in Great Falls, Virginia, in 2001 at the same time as two of the September 11 terrorists, The Sunday Telegraph has learnt. His mother's funeral was held there in May that year.

The preacher at the time was Anwar al-Awlaki, an American-born Yemeni scholar who was banned from addressing a meeting in London by video link in August because he is accused of supporting attacks on British troops and backing terrorist organisations.

Hasan's eyes "lit up" when he mentioned his deep respect for al-Awlaki's teachings, according to a fellow Muslim officer at the Fort Hood base in Texas, the scene of Thursday's horrific shooting spree.
Will the media continue to ignore the facts in this case? Will America continue to concern themselves with political correctness over truth?

This was an act of DOMESTIC TERRORISM-there is no doubt.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dems voting to massacre the economy TODAY

Democrats on the Hill believe they have the votes needed to completely destroy what is left of the wavering U.S. economy. They will push on with a rare Saturday or even rarer Sunday vote to decimate the Healthcare system and the American people.

With Democrats' command of the necessary votes looking tenuous in the final hours, Obama threw the weight of his administration behind the effort to round up support. He and top administration officials worked the phones to pressure wavering lawmakers.

Rep. Jason Altmire, D-Pa., said he heard Friday from Obama, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and Education Secretary Arne Duncan.

Their message: "This is a historic moment. You don't want to end up with nothing," said Altmire, who remained undecided.

Democratic leaders hoped to hold the vote Saturday evening, but Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said it could slip.

Democrats hold 258 seats in the House and can afford 40 defections and still wind up with 218, a majority if all lawmakers vote. But all 177 Republicans were expected to vote "no," and Democratic leaders faced a series of complications trying to seal the needed votes for their complex and controversial legislation that would affect one-sixth of the economy and touch the lives of countless Americans.
It is imperative that lawmakers see the error of their ways. Every one of those people wuld vote no on this monstrosity if they cared anything about the American people. No reform of the healthcare system needs to be 2,800 pages long. All of these fines, requirements, laws, regulations and taxes do untold damamge to the American way of life, while doing so little to improve things. Reform can be had. Small changes could be made, first giving relief to those who need it most and widening reform from there; finding actual changes that contain costs for eveyone along the way.

This is nothing but an over-reaching power grab. This will be the begining of the destruction of the American way if it is allowed to be made into law.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Congressman Connolly (D-VA) has a bully in his office shoving women

Yesterday, Teri Christoph, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Smart Girl Politics-and a good friend of mine-answered the call by Rep. Michele Bachmann to the people to converge on Washington, D.C. and talk to representatives about the Pelosi Healthcare bill.

After several rousing speeches by the likes of Jon Voight, (Corrected. Thanks reader.) Mark Levin and Missouri's very own Todd Akin (R-MO) the crowd was dispersed. All were encourage to go visit their Representatives so they could speak directly to them about their feelings on the disastrous legislation. (Teri recounts the whole story here, be sure to read it.)

As all the constituents did, Teri went through security, camera in hand and in full view, then proceeded to Congressman Gerry Connolly's office. Once in the office she filled out the visitors form, pulled out her camera and began asking for Rep. Connolly or a staffer to discuss the representatives position on the healthcare bill. It is at this point things got a little ugly-while the staffer seems to indicate that in order to use a camera in the office she must have media credentials-which is weird, I would like to see where that is written-but then Communications Director George Burke came out and decided he would take control. He became aggressive toward Teri, insisting she would need press credentials, shoving her aside and threatening to call police.

So, it seems Rep. Gerry Connolly has a thug in his office to do his communicating for him. George Burke is a known instigator and has been out on the Internet threatening and trying to quash those with opposing points of view for years. Since sometime in 2006 there are numerous examples of Mr. Burke posting comments on Internet sites and blogs under his name and two pseudonyms one "Thomas Paine" or "Thomas Paine Patriot" and then later under the name "11thCD". Lowell has done all the work and lined it out very neatly for all the world to see-except I guess Rep. Connolly. Otherwise, why would some one who has regularly compared people to NAZI's, and Stalinist's be allowed to serve as Communications Director for a Representative of the people. Clearly this man will not tolerate opposing points of view and feels neither he, nor Connolly, owes anyone any explanation for anything. Nice communicating dude.

It would seem Representative Connolly has a habit of hiding though. This past summer he refused to hold an "open" townhall to speak to his people about their concerns on healthcare. Rather, he spoke to a captive, hand-picked audience so he wouldn't have to drag out his nasty attack dog or answer any tough questions.

Folks in the House like this better get a clue....your seat is not guaranteed and if this is how you will treat the people you represent, you will be voted out.

Obama yacks for two full minutes before speaking of Ft. Hood tragedy

After two minutes of shout outs and thank you's to the Department of the Interior Obama finally got around to addressing the horrible tragedy at Ft. Hood yesterday afternoon. He had to make sure he got his applause and feel good moment before he went on to acknowledge the tragedy.

More important to give props to Dr. Joe MedicinePro (WTH?) I guess.....

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Conservatives are ineffective, but we can't stop talking about them

I was just sitting here thinking how annoyed I am that it looks like my real life is going to interfere with my ability to participate in the rallies against the Pelosi Healthcare Bill at a local Representatives office. (Or in D.C. of you can do it.) I had rearranged my day once to go, but alas, it looks as though my revenue stream has a stronger will than my activism stream today.

I started thinking about the importance and effectiveness of participation. We have all put a ton of time in. We are unbending in our belief. We are untiring in our participation. We are determined to see this thing through to the end. Every time the call goes out-we are there. Conservatives have taken the act of activism and protest to a whole new level.

Rock on my fellow mobsters!

But, what I thought was really funny is how the media and libs are portraying the effectiveness of all our efforts. The thing about it is, they paint it in anyway it suits their agenda-so the result is they end up talking out of both side of their mouth.

When a million people show up in D.C ,they say no one came and no one cares because we are just a bunch of crazy people.

When we rail against our own party for nominating a liberal to fill a Republican seat in New York and the true conservative loses, they say they won.

When we win in New Jersey and Virginia, they say those races are unimportant.

The thing is-if the results had been opposite-if they had won the New Jersey or Virginia or lost the New York seat, the reporting would have been just the opposite. They want to decry our effectiveness, but they have to change the story every time to make it right for them. If we win they call us ineffective, they didn't want to win that battle anyway. If we lose they call us ineffective, that's the battle they were really going after. Hmm, a phrase about having cake and eating it too comes to mind.

Keep fighting kids-you've got them on the run. No matter what happens, we must NEVER back down. We must NEVER give up. We will prevail in the end, because we are strong.

Circular Logic Never, Ever, Works Out Right

In a not at all uncommon move in government, it seems a very large part of the plan to pay for all the swell new healthcare coverage comes from money that does not exist, may or may not ever exist and has, at the very least, a great chance of not piling up in the amounts they are counting on. The plan is to make healthcare premiums so unaffordable that folks would rather pay the fine than actually get healthcare coverage. Then, this non-existant money will be used to pay the government subsidies for people who cannot afford healthcare coverage on their own.
The health care reform bill awaiting debate in the House assumes millions of workers and employers would rather pay $167 billion in fines than purchase or provide adequate coverage, according to a recent analysis, raising questions about whether the plan does enough to make insurance affordable.

Though the bill is estimated to expand coverage from the current 83 percent to 96 percent of legal U.S. residents, the windfall of projected penalty payments also exposes a potential contradiction in reform. A significant part of the plan to expand coverage relies financially on fines from the uninsured.
Does this seem like an unsolvable math problem? Or a trick? No matter how many times it has been tried and failed, the government never seems to realize circular logic never works. How do you on the one hand demand people get healthcare coverage, then on the other assume they won't and plan that this is how you will pay for the subsidies on the care you demand people get. The fact is government will not get the amount from fines and penalties they are counting on; they will turn once again to wrenching the life and liberty out of the American people to pay for it.

The people in charge right now just don't seem to understand that they can only go to the well of the sweat and blood of the middle class so many times before it will be dry. The era of serfs and lords has long past. There is no way Americans will lay down in the streets, turned into slaves-propping up those who won't on the backs of those who will.

Lawrence O'Donnell-too dumb to check facts before opening mouth.

I guess fact checking is too much trouble for the liberal media or anyone who is not the GatewayPundit. As he pointed out yesterday the New York 23rd Seat was occupied by a Democrat very recently-from 1989 to 1993. So no Lawrence O'Donnell, it isn't in fact the first time in history. You're an idiot.

We give a St. Louis Tea Party welcome to the newest OFA Office!

It's funny how things go sometimes. These days I often find myself reflecting on the events that have taken place over the last year. I think about all the online work and on the ground work I have done, trying to make a difference for our country. All the hours I have put it. Sheesh-it's a lot let me tell you. But, I wouldn't change a thing. Not. One. Thing.

But, what makes it funny is how much attention St. Louis Tea Party has gotten. Apparently we are doing such a fine job of throwing the libs off their game they had to open a new state headquarters office here in St. Louis for Organizing for America.

Of course, when Tea Party got word of this recent development, we threw them a grand opening, Tea Party welcome!

Most of the usual scary mob folks were there. You know, doing mob stuff-standing around, talking, laughing and cracking jokes......all the usual rabble rousing.

The main troublemakers did go inside. (minus Dana-she a had a show to do) We saw this GIGANTIC picture of Obama on the wall and realized it was a must do for a photo op.

L-R: Bill Hennessy, SharpElbows, Me, GatewayPundit

I bet you never though you would see that did you ;-)

It is nice to know all our hard work and long hours are not going unnoticed by the Obama Administration. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy to know we are having an effect on the way things are going today.

It's easy to see-from Dede Scozzafava dropping out of the New York special election, to the legislatures inability to get heathcare passed by August 1st as promised, and now this-Organizing for America opening a main headquarter office here in St. Louis. We are making a difference and we are never going to stop.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Face Punch Wednesday

(If you are new to Face Punch Wednesday, please read this post before you complain-I don't want to hear it.)

Dede Scozzafavva First-"I'm a real republican! Don't say mean things about me, even though I hate babies and private citizens having money." then later "I don't wanna play this game any more-so to prove my super awesome republican-ness I will throw all my support behind the Democratic candidate. Oh and thanks for the million bucks RNC!" Go away RINO-buy a new pantsuit 10 punches

Gore Vidal and Joy Behar-Last week Gore Vidal appeared on Joy Behar's awesome new show to espouse his vitriol. After his oral massage of President Obama he jumped into a nasty diatribe, bemoaning President Bush's intellectual ability.
He concluded with "Well, I was all for fighting them right here at that moment, you know," Vidal said. "But I couldn't jump into the screen fast enough to kill him off. That's one murder that I missed not committing." Behar didn't oppose his death wish. She responded first by chuckling and then saying, "Well, it's too late anyway."
Yeah and the right are the extreme violent ones. Weirdly I hardly ever hear this kind of talk from our side, but I consistently hear it from the left. 50 punches each

Charlie Rangel-'Ole Charlie has gotten together with Max Bacus and introduced some new legislation-The “Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act of 2009” would mandate Individuals with offshore accounts provide details on these accounts and list them on tax returns. Rules governing trusts would be "significantly strengthened" to prevent the true beneficiaries from hiding front entities."
This from the guy who:

-Had a credit union account worth at least $250,000 and maybe as much as $500,000 -- and didn't report it.

-Had investment accounts worth about the same amount, not reported.

-Also, three pieces of property in New Jersey.
-And assets totaling more than $1 million required financial disclosure forms going back to at least 2001.
-And he didn't report or pay taxes on an income from a villa in the Caribbean. When he did finally pay the back taxes on it he got a sweet smooch from the IRS that none of us would get-$10,000 in back taxes-NO INTEREST.

Ugh-nothing like putting the criminals in charge of the......err, other criminals. Can you say pot and kettle? Corruption is the highest form of flattery? No matter how you slice it Charlie gets 10 punches for more of the same---"Do as I say, not as I do."

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hey Dems, why don't you stay outta the GOP?

Apparently Gloria Borger is unaware what constitutes a conservative candidate or for that matter a Republican. Just like David Plouffe on Meet the Press over the weekend, they are busy telling Republicans how to run their party-while Liberals are the least accepting and inclusive of them all. If you don't want to welcome every fence jumping illegal immigrant and slaughter every baby inconvenient to your life....well they have no use for you.

The fact of the matter is Dede Scozzafavva was not rejected by conservatives for simply being pro-choice or high tax or for the bailout or a big government lover. She was rejected for being ALL of those things. What the left and RINO's seem to miss is that conservatives are losing patience with those in our party who cannot uphold even a minimum of standards. If the Republicans are going to move in the direction of the Democrats, then what's the point of being Republican?

At the very least a Republican must stand firm on small government, less spending and a strong national defense. There must be no compromise on those issues. The problem is, all too often the GOP establishment is putting liberal Republicans in seats because they think they can win that seat with them. Well let me ask you, GOP establishment, when Olympia Snowe votes with Democrats 95% of the time what is the difference if we have a Republican in that seat or a moderate Democrat? I would vote for a moderate Democrat with a history of supporting lower taxes and smaller government over a liberal Olympia Snowe Republican any day. It is time for the GOP to realize that we will no longer vote for a candidate only because they have an "R" behind their name on a ballot.

It is wrong to assume that because independents may differ from some conservatives on social issues, it automatically means they somehow agree with liberals. More and more it seems the really zealous, uber-libs believe everyone wants to move to the left-in one big giant step. They want the people to think everyone (except that 20% of the population they keep throwing around) wants gay marriage or unrestricted, unfettered access to abortion or a nanny state or any of the other large governmental and social policies being pushed by them. Unfortunately, the polling and the voting would seem to indicate otherwise. As much as conservatives are bashed for being unaccepting and unaccommodating time and time again, when put to a vote these issues are voted down by the people-except in the most liberal areas. These are the same independents liberals keep trying to bash the conservative party with. What does that say about America?

I've got news for people like Gloria and David....the GOP has a big tent. We welcome anyone who loves their family, wants to protect their country, believes that people-not government-do the best jobs of running their lives and support a smaller, more efficient government. It is wrong to assume that the large majority of conservatives would turn on a candidate because we don't see eye-to-eye on every single subject. There are single issue voters in every party-to pretend otherwise is a false and disingenuous stance. In either party, those voters represent a very small portion of the over-all totals. The majority of Americans are independent voters, not in full alignment with either party on every issue-on that I will agree-where you are mistaken is in your thinking that conservatives don't want anything to do with them.

Golfer banned for doping? Is this a joke......

In an unbelievable turn of events a golfer has been banned from the PGA Tour for using drugs?
Doug Barron has become the first player to be banned by the PGA Tour for taking performance-enhancing drugs.

The 40-year-old has been given a one-year suspension.

He is the first professional to fail a drugs test since the PGA and European Tours began their anti-doping programs in July 2008.
What the hell was he taking? Anti-sleeping drugs in order to stay awake.......

Monday, November 2, 2009

2.7 million-650,000=NEGATIVE 2.1 million jobs not saved and not created, actually.

You know I am curious how the administration keeps touting any numbers of saved or created jobs......the figure they use is irrelevant.

They haven't saved or created anything when nearly 3 million jobs were lost.

Until ZERO jobs are lost, they cannot talk about any job being saved or created. Someone needs to go teach them how math works in the White House.

111 New government programs to crush the American dream

Pelosi's new Heathcare bill will institute 111 new "boards, bureaucracies, commissions and programs". Somehow that doesn't sound like just "insuring the uninsured". It sounds like an over bloated, over-reaching, unbelievably bold power grab to me. But of course we already knew that's all it really was anyway....
House Republicans claimed Monday that the health care reform bill pushed by speaker Nancy Pelosi would create a whopping 111 new "federal bureaucracies."

In its latest attempt to portray the Democrats' reform package as an unwieldy expansion of federal government in the health care sector, the House Republican Conference circulated what it called a list of "new boards, bureaucracies, commissions and programs" created in the House health care bill.

Among some off the new agencies, the list cites a Health Insurance Exchange; the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation; the Public Health Investment Fund; the Public Health Workforce Corps; an Assistant Secretary for Health Information; the Food and Drug Administration Office of Women's Health; grant programs for alternative medical liability laws, infant mortality programs and other issues; and about 100 other government-sponsored creations.

"That ought to tell you all that we need to know, that we're going to have 1,990 pages of legislation," House Minority Leader John Boehner said in an interview Sunday. "The word 'shall' exists in this bill 3,345 times."

The list underscores the GOP complaint that the health care reform bill over-burdens taxpayers and the government itself. Republicans said Monday they plan to read aloud the massive bill -- in the space of four hours -- on the House floor Tuesday.

SURPRISE! You CAN make money as a private entity in this country. For now...

I'm sure in what is a grand surprise to the federal government, an auto-maker who did not accept being turned into a government run entity has made a profit. In an amazing turn of events, a private company was able to utilize cost cutting, smart planning and an aggressive debt reduction plan to make a $1BILLION profit in the third quarter.
Ford, the only Detroit automaker to dodge direct government aid and bankruptcy court, surprised investors with net income of nearly $1 billion in the third quarter and forecast a "solidly profitable" 2011.
What do you know-there are still ways to be a private company in this country and still make it......I'm sure Geithner and this Administration will take whatever steps are necessary to put a stop to that.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dems going to bribe Republicans with nuclear power to get their vote

With Cap and Trade legislation facing what could be it's ice age, there is a small coalition of Senators, lead by Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (I-Conn.) working on drafting an amendment to the bill that would speed up construction of new U.S. nuclear reactors. The hope is this will draw some Republican support for the monstrosity that will raise the cost of energy and anything produced with energy for every man, woman and child. As we talked about almost a month ago, Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (S.C.) talks about provisions on nuclear power and offshore oil drilling that could win his support for this bill.

I can only hope Republicans don't fall for this clear manipulation. I would love nothing more than to get new nuclear power plants, but not with the sacrifice of freedoms and adding new taxes and fees to the American people once more. There is only so much that the economy, business and the individual can take. If we continually burden our system with more taxes, fees, requirements and regulation it will break. It is already bent to the point of exhaustion now.

Regardless of your position on global warming, there is no doubt Cap and Trade does little to nothing to reduce emissions. It only creates a new derivatives market, waiting to be used and abused by those who participate. It will cause energy prices to skyrocket and the cost of goods in this country to be astronomically high. It won't reduce emissions and it won't cause the planet to be cleaner.

Here is another chance for Republicans to prove their mettle. They must continue to stand by the Democrats in the House and Senate that know the devastation Cap and Trade will bring, ravaging their districts. This bill must not be passed-even with the sweet promise of nuclear power. If the Dems are serious about nuclear power, they will build those plants before they profit rape the American people. Clean energy is good for everyone.