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Friday, November 6, 2009

Congressman Connolly (D-VA) has a bully in his office shoving women

Yesterday, Teri Christoph, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Smart Girl Politics-and a good friend of mine-answered the call by Rep. Michele Bachmann to the people to converge on Washington, D.C. and talk to representatives about the Pelosi Healthcare bill.

After several rousing speeches by the likes of Jon Voight, (Corrected. Thanks reader.) Mark Levin and Missouri's very own Todd Akin (R-MO) the crowd was dispersed. All were encourage to go visit their Representatives so they could speak directly to them about their feelings on the disastrous legislation. (Teri recounts the whole story here, be sure to read it.)

As all the constituents did, Teri went through security, camera in hand and in full view, then proceeded to Congressman Gerry Connolly's office. Once in the office she filled out the visitors form, pulled out her camera and began asking for Rep. Connolly or a staffer to discuss the representatives position on the healthcare bill. It is at this point things got a little ugly-while the staffer seems to indicate that in order to use a camera in the office she must have media credentials-which is weird, I would like to see where that is written-but then Communications Director George Burke came out and decided he would take control. He became aggressive toward Teri, insisting she would need press credentials, shoving her aside and threatening to call police.

So, it seems Rep. Gerry Connolly has a thug in his office to do his communicating for him. George Burke is a known instigator and has been out on the Internet threatening and trying to quash those with opposing points of view for years. Since sometime in 2006 there are numerous examples of Mr. Burke posting comments on Internet sites and blogs under his name and two pseudonyms one "Thomas Paine" or "Thomas Paine Patriot" and then later under the name "11thCD". Lowell has done all the work and lined it out very neatly for all the world to see-except I guess Rep. Connolly. Otherwise, why would some one who has regularly compared people to NAZI's, and Stalinist's be allowed to serve as Communications Director for a Representative of the people. Clearly this man will not tolerate opposing points of view and feels neither he, nor Connolly, owes anyone any explanation for anything. Nice communicating dude.

It would seem Representative Connolly has a habit of hiding though. This past summer he refused to hold an "open" townhall to speak to his people about their concerns on healthcare. Rather, he spoke to a captive, hand-picked audience so he wouldn't have to drag out his nasty attack dog or answer any tough questions.

Folks in the House like this better get a clue....your seat is not guaranteed and if this is how you will treat the people you represent, you will be voted out.


  1. It is time to go John Galt.
    It is time to say NO to socialized medicine.
    It is time to call for RECALL elections NOW.
    It is time for all working citizens to go on
    We are not being taxed with equal representation.
    It is time to call these people out.

  2. I heard Mark Levin talk about this on his radio show thursday night...

  3. The Congress is unto itself. The balance of power we were taught existed between the three branches of government is no more, and the 300 million citizens of the United States of America arfe at the mercy of 535 congressional representatives who have stacked the deck against free elections, 9 robed judges immune from replacement or criticism, and a president who is a communist.

    Get out your copy of the Declaration of Independence and read it. We're just about there.

  4. Time to ratchet the game to another level friends.

  5. Time to start walking precincts for the primary and then November 2010.

  6. You spelled Jon Voight wrong.

  7. She should have screamed, "Help Police!"
    She should now get a lawyer and sue both the thug and his employer.

  8. Well WE all know that the only way to ensure Connelly's departure is through committed work for his opponent Fimian http://www.keithfimian.com/

    My family will be working HARD do get rid of Connelly and I hope all in VA-11 and outside with donations will do the same!

  9. She should have him arrested as she was battered. Oh so typical of those whimpy pols. I'd love for them to come visit me in Baton Rouge. I believe the gators in the bayou and Mike the tiger are hungry!

  10. You know under section 24.2-233 of the Virginia code Connelly can be reomved from office for incompetence when it has a material adverse effect on the conduct of the office.

    Given how he has voted, the thugs he employs, and how he continues to hide from his constituents, I think a compelling argument can be made that he is incompetent.

    According to the code, there needs to be a petition with 10% if the voters signing it. Given that there were roughly 200000 votes in his last election, thats only 20000 signatures.


  11. Even if she'd gotten in to speak to him, and even if the "partiers" had gotten in to the townhall, you wouldn't have done anything. The "partiers" have a record of failure: NY23, and now UHC.

    The smarter thing to do is this. None of your leaders are encouraging you to do things like that, but instead just want you to act out and throw tantrums. In fact, this post refers to "feelings", when what you should be doing is trying to find smarter people to show the supporters of your opponents how you think those opponents are wrong. I have yet to find a "partier" who can understand that.

  12. Here in Los Angeles two presenters of talk radio show opposing the spending raise taxes again juggernaut disquised as a state legislature long ago started referring to the office "staffs" of the felonious cabal that voters foolishly allow the public employees unions to get elected as representaives of the people as "staffholes". The label in this case is more than appropriate and can have criminal added to it!

  13. The makers are fed up with the takers!