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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Conservatives are ineffective, but we can't stop talking about them

I was just sitting here thinking how annoyed I am that it looks like my real life is going to interfere with my ability to participate in the rallies against the Pelosi Healthcare Bill at a local Representatives office. (Or in D.C. of you can do it.) I had rearranged my day once to go, but alas, it looks as though my revenue stream has a stronger will than my activism stream today.

I started thinking about the importance and effectiveness of participation. We have all put a ton of time in. We are unbending in our belief. We are untiring in our participation. We are determined to see this thing through to the end. Every time the call goes out-we are there. Conservatives have taken the act of activism and protest to a whole new level.

Rock on my fellow mobsters!

But, what I thought was really funny is how the media and libs are portraying the effectiveness of all our efforts. The thing about it is, they paint it in anyway it suits their agenda-so the result is they end up talking out of both side of their mouth.

When a million people show up in D.C ,they say no one came and no one cares because we are just a bunch of crazy people.

When we rail against our own party for nominating a liberal to fill a Republican seat in New York and the true conservative loses, they say they won.

When we win in New Jersey and Virginia, they say those races are unimportant.

The thing is-if the results had been opposite-if they had won the New Jersey or Virginia or lost the New York seat, the reporting would have been just the opposite. They want to decry our effectiveness, but they have to change the story every time to make it right for them. If we win they call us ineffective, they didn't want to win that battle anyway. If we lose they call us ineffective, that's the battle they were really going after. Hmm, a phrase about having cake and eating it too comes to mind.

Keep fighting kids-you've got them on the run. No matter what happens, we must NEVER back down. We must NEVER give up. We will prevail in the end, because we are strong.